We are back Downtown!

Located at 225 E Street, Anchorage, AK 99501

Join us for the 2024 Anchorage Market

May 11 – Sep 08, 2024

Saturdays – 10am-6pm & Sundays 11am-5pm


Whether you’re shopping for art & photography, apparel, fresh produce, exotic goods from around the world, or Alaskan souvenirs, you’ll find it at the Anchorage Market. The Anchorage Market is located in the heart of Downtown Anchorage and is Alaska’s leading outdoor market. The Anchorage Market consists of up t0 100 vendors. The Anchorage Market is a great place to bring family, friends and visiting tourists. It offers free and lively entertainment, great food, and a fun and safe atmosphere!

In 2023 over 261 vendors participated in the Anchorage Market, whether that be 1 day, 1 weekend or all 18 weekends.

Vendors can participate in 1 day, 1 weekend, all 18 weekends or any variation of days so make sure to come back often to make sure you didn’t miss any of the amazing Alaskan vendors during the 2024 season.

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Anchorage Market Mission Statement

Anchorage Market strives to provide the Anchorage community and its visitors with a summer weekly attraction featuring a large variety of Alaskan arts and crafts, food and imports at reasonable prices; enhance the quality of life of Anchorage residents, visitors and vendors; and enhance the reputation of Anchorage by creating an atmosphere of a carnival or fair, designed for the enjoyment of adults and children of all ages (“the Intended Atmosphere and Use”); to provide Vendors with a low cost, premier location which affords them an opportunity to showcase and display their products to a broad base of consumers and potential consumers, both local and long distance; and, to make productive use on weekends of Anchorage’s Southside parking areas.

This mission statement (The “Anchorage Market Mission”) and the Intended Atmosphere and Use are the primary purposes of Anchorage Market. In the interest of the Market and its participants, any other purpose, advantage, or benefit is secondary and is subordinate to the primary purposes.

Eat Local

At the Anchorage Market you’ll find Alaska Grown vegetables & fruits; Alaska Grown meat: beef, pork, poultry, elk, bison; fish and seafood; smoked and canned seafood; fresh fudge, oven rolls, cakes, cookies and donuts, and more!

Support Local

Many businesses start at the Anchorage Market. Put YOUR dollar back into YOUR economy by doing your shopping at the market! Fulfill your needs and desires for gourmet food, hand-stitched clothing, fresh produce, jewelry, wood carvings, paintings, photographs, ulus, and more.

History of the Market

Around since 1992, 2024 will be the 33rd season of the Anchorage Market. Take a moment to read about the development of the market, and how it went from having two dozen vendors to three hundred.

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Become a Vendor

Consider self-employment and the opportunity to work outdoors with a schedule that is always convenient for you. Sounds perfect, right? Becoming a Market vendor may seem like a relatively easy goal to accomplish but it involves diligence and patience. Start by filling out the appropriate paperwork and find yourself well on the way to making money!

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Craft Tents

Leasing a table under the Alaska Craft Tents or the Thin N’ That Tent makes participating at the Anchorage Market fun and easy! Forget about buying a tent, tables or chairs; or dealing with the hassle of hauling, setting-up and breaking down your equipment. We’ll do it all for you; you just need to bring your Alaskan-made products and be ready to sell!

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Non-Profit vendors

Anchorage Market vendors, management and staff sincerely appreciate the great work provided by our non-profit organizations to make our citizens life’s healthier, longer and more enjoyable. We know that our Anchorage Market is a huge community resource and we want to make it as available to our nonprofit community at as low of a cost as possible!

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Kid’s Market

Anchorage area kids between the ages of 8 and 17 are invited to bring their used toys, surplus sports gear, Alaska Grown fruits & vegetables that they have grown; kid baked items, kid handcrafted items, fundraiser items such as candy, cookies, raffle tickets, event tickets and other items so long as the proceeds go to help Alaska kids, to our Kid’s Market.

Free to participate for up to 3 Weekends!

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Anchorage Markets proud to support the performing arts community in Alaska. Performers are encouraged to utilize their appearance at the Anchorage Market to promote their art and upcoming shows – thousands of locals and tourists visit the market every weekend!

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