Anchorage City Fair Vendor Handbook & Agreement

City Fair Mission Statement

City Fair strives to provide the Anchorage community and its visitors with a summer weekly attraction featuring a variety of Alaskan arts and crafts, food and imports at reasonable prices; enhance the quality of life of Anchorage residents, visitors and Vendors; and enhance the reputation of Anchorage by creating an atmosphere of an outdoor Fair, designed for the enjoyment of adults and children of all ages (“the intended atmosphere and use”); to provide Vendors with a competitively priced, premier location that affords them an opportunity to showcase and display their products to a broad base of consumers and potential consumers, both local and afar.

This mission statement (The “Anchorage City Fair mission”) and the intended atmosphere and use are the primary purposes of City Fair. In the interest of the Fair and its participants, any other purpose, advantage, or benefit is secondary and is subordinate to the primary purposes.

Note: The City Fair regular season consists of at least 15 weekends beginning on Friday, June 2, 2023 and end after the initial release of the Alaska Permanent Fund Divided or the first snow fall in South Central Alaska, whichever comes first.

Code of Ethics

City Fair and its organizers are committed to providing a Fair that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes or comments of Vendors, their agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, or customers based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. It is the policy of the City Fair to comply with the letter and the spirit and intent of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws and rules and other similar state and municipal laws and rules. Vendors observing or having knowledge of illegal incidents or practices or violations of this policy are encouraged to immediately report such incidents to the City Fair Manager.

City Fair Manager

Anchorage City Fair operates the City Fair Vendor Court area only. Throughout this Handbook, reference is made to the City Fair Manager and this reference shall mean Anchorage City Fair and its authorized or designated representatives.

Anchorage City Fair
Text: (907) 272-5634
Anchorage, Alaska

Fair Policies

The City Fair Manager has complete authority to interpret and implement policy, the Vendor Contract, and this Handbook at the City Fair location, and to act on any breach or violation of any of these items. Vendors, merchants, and others are encouraged to provide the City Fair Manager with written suggestions for improvement and for consideration of the City Fair Manager.

All participants of the City Fair will behave toward City Fair customers, fellow Vendors, staff and volunteers in a professional manner that fosters a sense of Fair community and camaraderie, a spirit of cooperative involvement and that promotes the Fair to the community that it serves. At no time shall any Vendor or Vendor staff, volunteer raise their voice or talk down to any person in the Fair area.

The City Fair is designed to project a family friendly atmosphere where people can come together to buy and sell merchandise. Accordingly, fees are collected from Vendors to promote attendance and conduct the operations of the City Fair. It is not intended that individuals, without paying for the Contracted space, may come into the Fair for the purpose to sell, display or distribution of products, services, promotions, or materials without signing the Vendor Contract and being subject to the rules therein set forth. Individuals attempting to do so without signing the Vendor Contract and paying the required fees are obligated to cease such activity immediately; if they continue to do so, they will be ejected and/or arrested as trespassers and will be subject to fines and penalties.

This policy may be relaxed for entertainers, at the option of the City Fair Manager, in its sole discretion, when City Fair quality and atmosphere can be enhanced thereby, and the intended use of the City Fair protected.

Due to the nature of City Fair and its intended atmosphere and use, Vendors specifically agree to the following restrictions, limitations, and policies on the use of the Contracted space, which shall be strictly construed in favor of the City Fair Manager and in accordance with the City Fair Manager’s interpretation of these restrictions, limitations, and policies.

It is the responsibility of Vendors to fully understand and fully inform their agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests and customers of the policies, terms, conditions, traffic patterns, rules and regulations set forth in this Handbook, in the Vendor’s Contract and to ensure compliance with the same. The City Fair Manager may issue written additions and addenda to these policies, terms, conditions, rules and regulations and they shall become part of this Handbook.

All uses of City Fair premises shall be consistent with the City Fair mission and the intended atmosphere and use. The City Fair Manager intends to prevent the display or sale of illegal drugs, illegal drug paraphernalia, firearms, BB guns, air guns, paintball guns, paintball supplies, fireworks, poppers, stink bombs, lethal martial arts items, materials depicting or presenting to the casual passer-by, violence, inebriation, boisterous behavior, nudity, obscenity, pornography, marijuana, or any other violations of law. The City Fair is intended to encourage use by all members of the family and actions, products, displays, language, and dress must all be compatible with this intent. The City Fair Manager will be sole judge of the appropriateness of these items and Vendors agree to cooperate in immediately removing from display or for sale any item deemed inappropriate. Sale of knives, swords or lethal martial arts weapons to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited, and Vendors selling these items must prominently display, in their booths, a sign indicating that sales to persons under the age of 18 are prohibited.

Important Links

Alaska Business License: CLICK HERE
MOA Health Department: CLICK HERE
Anchorage Fire Department: CLICK HERE
Anchorage Fire Department Checklist: CLICK HERE

Space Assignments

Vendor spaces are 10’ wide by 20’ deep. Food vendors using an approved generator to provide electricity to their space will be provided with an additional 10’ of booth space depth that is to be used solely and exclusively for the purpose of ensuring the generator is at least 10’ from their food operations.
The above stated Vendor space dimensions constitute the base Contracted area provided to Vendor for a single-space Vendor Contract in the City Fair. Vendors may request specific spaces in accordance with City Fair Manager’s procedures and subject to City Fair Manager’s right to assign different spaces. Space assignments are generally provided on a “first-come, first-served” basis, with preference given to current Vendors who meet other criteria. Vendors requiring a space larger than the size stated above in the 2023 season may purchase additional space in five-foot wide increments. Additional space is subject to availability and may be restricted to certain areas or rows. Booth numbers and width of Contracted space are assigned by numbered markings. Questions regarding Vendor’s correct booth placement should be brought to City Fair Manager’s attention prior to the set-up of Vendor’s booth. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that adequate space is Contracted for the size of canopy, trailer, structure, and inventory to be used by Vendor. All of Vendor’s displays, activities and personnel must be held within the boundaries of the Vendor’s Contracted space. No item of any type may extend beyond the 20-foot depth or a height of less than 8-foot beyond the 20-foot depth, for fire safety purposes. Vendors must recognize the Contract hold rights of other Vendors and not interfere with these rights by creation of sounds, odors or smells, infringement of space or other distractions that bother their neighboring Vendors.

City Fair Manager will not allow “scamming” of the booth assignment system. Vendors who rent two booths or more on any day and a lesser number of booths on the following day may not use the space left vacant on the following day. Vendors may not request that we leave a booth open next to them and only pay for that booth if another Vendor wants it. Vendors must Contract the amount of space they require without regard as to what booths are open or not.

Craft tables are available for rent. Each table will be regarded as the rented space with a maximum space size of 6’ feet wide by 10’ deep; all rules and procedures listed within this Handbook will be applicable to a craft table the same as it will be for a booth, except as noted here within.


Vendors may sign up for the 2023 City Fair commencing immediately upon release of the 2023 City Fair Handbook, and shall do so by delivering to the City Fair Manager by the established deadline, by online submission, the following required items:

  1. A fully executed 2023 Vendor Contract, filled in with all required information other than the space designation(s); and
  2. Payment in full, as appropriate, of the total rent due for the entire term of the Vendor Contract as calculated in the Vendor Contract or an extended payment option. Vendors monthly payment plan must make a non-refundable deposit of not less than $600.00 at time of signing. Non-refundable deposits will be applied as a payment to Vendors total Contracted balance.

City Fair Manager will recognize only Vendors who have a Vendor Contract in their name. Workers, employees, contractors, or volunteers will not in any way be included in any preference group unless they obtain a separate Vendor Contract bearing their name. Vendor Contract must be in an individual’s name, business names are not accepted.


Spaces will be assigned to Vendors based on most weekends Contracted and then on a first come, first served basis. First come, first served basis is determined solely by the date the Vendor Contract is submitted and the deposit payment is received by the City Fair Manager.

Note: Vendor space assignment is not a guarantee of space location. Space location may change at the discretion of the City Fair Manager. Space assignments may change for many different reasons but the most common reason for a space location change is due to another vendor Contracting more days and/or weekends. This decision is generally made in the best interest of City Fair customers by keeping the Fair as “full” as possible on every day the City Fair is open.

Booth Selection

City Fair Manager will assign space in accordance with the above procedures.

Vendors may request to move to another available open space after the season has commenced should they not be satisfied with their assigned space, a fee of $20 applies to every booth assignment change, per assigned date. For example: if Vendor requests to change assigned spaces for 2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday, the space change fee will be $60 because Vendor has requested a total of 3 space assignment/date changes.

City Fair Manager will assign Vendor to any available space for the dates requested. If a space is not available for the date requested, Vendor will have the option to change their requested date to a date which has space available.

Food Vendors

The number of Vendors allowed to sell food items intended for consumption at the Fair will be limited to no more than 30 Food Vendors or 30 Food Vendor spaces. It is in the best interest of the Fair to have as wide a variety of quality food items as possibly available for Fair customers. New Food Vendors, will be selected solely by the City Fair Manager, giving preference to those Vendors who offer new and desirable food products. More information regarding Food Vendors is contained in the Food Vendor Supplement Handbook. Food Vendors selling from a tent or fabric canopy will be provided with a space 10-foot wide by 20-foot deep and may not for any reason, cook under their tent fabric. Food Vendors selling from a food trailer/vehicle will be provided with a space 10-foot wide by 20-foot deep. Additional Food Vendor space width may be purchased in 5-foot wide increments.

Deadline for Rent Payments

Payment in full of the entire rental charge due for the entire initial Vendor Contract must be paid upon signing of the Vendor Contract. A Vendor who Contracts 15 or more three days weekends or is a new Vendor in 2023, may pay 34% of the Contracted amount upon signing of the Vendor Contract; 33% of the contracted amount on or before July, 1 2023; 33% of the contracted amount on or before August 1, 2023. Percentages are rounded up to the nearest $100.00 increment.

No Vendor Contract will be accepted nor is a booth assigned by City Fair Manager until a signed Vendor Contract and appropriate payment are received by the City Fair Manager. Space will not be held for more than 3 consecutive days awaiting signed Vendor Contract and/or receipt of payments.

Monthly Payment Agreement

Vendors may request the monthly payment plan option. Vendor will pay an additional $10 per space, per contracted weekend for the monthly payment plan and payments will then be due by the 1st day of each month beginning on the first month of the Vendors signed contract and until the full amount of Vendor Contract has been paid or by August 1, 2023, whichever comes first. Vendor must make a non-refundable minimum payment of $600.00 at time of Vendor Contract signing. All Vendors that request the Monthly Payment Agreement must ensure their full Vendor Contract amount is paid in full no later than August 1, 2023 and that the Vendor has made the required monthly payment by the first day of each month. The monthly payment agreement requires that the vendor provide and maintain a minimum of two forms of electronic payment, to include both ACH and Credit Card payment methods.

Binding Contractual Agreement

Regardless of which payment plan a Vendor selects, the full amount of that Vendor Contract, including any appropriate fees, must be paid in full. No refunds, credits or discounts will be made except as detailed elsewhere in this Vendor Handbook and/or Vendor Contract. Failure to pay the full balance of the Vendor Contract when due will result in a collections account being opened against the Vendor. In addition, if the full balance of the Vendor Contract is not paid in full when due, the Vendor’s Alaska PFD will be garnished until the Vendor Contract balance is paid in full.

Refunds of Pre-Paid Rent

City Fair Manager will retain 25% of the Vendors’ Contracted balance and refund all other pre-paid amounts, for any reason, so long as City Fair Manager receives written request for refund on or before July 1, 2023.

Non-refundable deposits will not be refunded for any reason, at any time.

No refunds will be made thereafter, except as noted in the Vendor Contract.

Natural Disaster

If the City Fair is cancelled, rescheduled, postponed, or relocated due to circumstances caused by a natural disaster such as flooding, wind, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, smoke, disease or by government mandate or regulation, we will re-render any Vendor Contracts and paid funds to the new City Fair dates and new location or to the next years City Fair. This policy does not include event cancellations for personal, health, personal beliefs, or financial reasons related to Vendor.

Administrative Late Fee

Vendors are responsible for the timely payment of all money owed to City Fair Manager. Collection of past due Vendor Contract amounts is a poor use of City Fair Manager’s time and resources, these resources and time are better spent advertising and promoting the Fair for the Fair Vendor community. If something is preventing you from paying the amount due, contact the City Fair Manager and explain your situation and come to a reasonable agreement as to when the amount will be paid prior to the final weekend of the 2023 City Fair.

Any payment owed by a Vendor that is not made within five calendar days after its due date is subject to an administrative fee of $75.00. Vendor acknowledges that late payment by Vendor to City Fair of any rent or other sums due will cause City Fair to incur costs not contemplated by Vendor’s Vendor Contract, the exact amount of such costs being extremely difficult and impracticable to ascertain. Such costs may include processing and accounting charges, bookkeeping charges, labor, communication expenses, postage, etc. The parties hereby agree that such administrative charge is not a penalty and that it represents a fair and reasonable estimate of the costs that City Fair will incur by reason of such late payment. Additionally, all delinquent payments shall bear interest at the then legal rate of interest as established by Alaska law and Vendor shall pay such interest to City Fair on demand. This administrative fee may be assessed again 30 days after prior assessment if account is not brought up to date and current by Vendor for any reason.

Rentals and Space Fee Schedules

A fee schedule for rentals and space will be established prior to each City Fair season. Separate or additional fee schedules may be established for other categories, including:

  • Grandfather and early signing discounts
  • Certified Alaska Grown products Vendors selling only fresh, unadulterated products
  • Exclusive “multi-level franchise” lines, e.g. LuLaRoe, Tupperware, etc.
  • Exclusive rights to sell City Fair logo items
  • Non-profit organizations and Anchorage area youth groups
  • Food Vendors
  • Alaska area children under the age of 17
  • Vendor amenities

Base rental charges (standard rates) for all Vendors shall be determined by the number of Fair days covered by a single Vendor Contract and shall be in the following amounts per space per weekend:

Appropriate rate above is determined by number of 3-day Weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) reserved within one Vendor Contract and is not cumulative during the season when multiple Vendor Contracts are signed. The above 2023 Standard Day Rates will be used to calculate rent for all contracts signed on or after May 21, 2023, for the 2023 season.

Cost of each extra five-foot of standard booth width is 55% of the rates shown above per weekend for a minimum of 5 Weekends for the 2023 season and is subject to availability of extra space in the Vendor’s assigned row or area.

Additional rental charges are due based on certain variables. These charges are in addition to the above base rental charges. The following variables affect the additional rental charges: premium location spaces, amenities, Alaska Grown Discount, non-profit organizations, kid’s Fair spaces, restricted sales, and exclusive product sales.

Date Changes

Vendor may request to change their Contracted Weekend date or dates to another weekend date or dates provided that the new date request or requests have space available for the Vendor. If the new requested date or dates have space available, a fee of not less than $20 will be added per Weekend date change, to the Vendors’ invoice and must be paid in full prior to any Weekend date or dates change being made.

If a Vendor is unable to occupy the Contracted rental space on any given Weekend, Vendor is required to contact the City Fair Manager prior to 8:00 AM of the Contracted Weekend that Vendor will be absent.

Date change requests received within 15 calendar days of the originally scheduled date will not be made for any reason. In the event of a date change request from the Vendor, within 15 business days of the originally scheduled date, the originally scheduled date and all funds paid will be forfeited.

Subleasing and Sharing

Subleasing of vendor space(s) is strictly prohibited. Only the Vendor appearing on the original City Fair Vendor Contract may occupy the assigned booth space at any given time. Vendors requiring the assistance of business partners or family members to operate their assigned booth space(s) must receive permission from City Fair Manager prior to the beginning of the Fair day.

Sharing of booth space is permitted so long as the City Fair Manager is made aware of the request to share the space by the Contracted Vendor in writing. Further, the vendor requesting to share the space must complete a Vendor Contract and pay a fee of not less than 55% of the standard rates shown above, per Contracted day.

Craft Tables

City Fair Manager will make available each Fair day a set-up tent or tents reserved for Alaskan crafters where the Alaskan crafter or members of their immediate family may sell products that they have made themselves or Alaskan authors who are selling books that they or members of their immediate families have written. Each crafter or author will be provided one 30-inch-wide by 72-inch-long table and one chair in the tent to display and sell their merchandise or books. Rates for use of the table are the same as if the Vendor were renting a booth space without tent, table or chair. One extra table may be Contracted by a Vendor so long as it is positioned to fit in that Vendor’s allotted six-foot wide by ten-foot deep space.

Fair Manager will strive to have craft tables ready for occupancy by 9:30AM each Fair day.

Any damages to Vendor’s products or other items is the sole responsibility of the Vendor. If side walls are attached to the tent, opening of the tent sides to avoid wind damage to a craft or rental tent will be at the sole discretion of the City Fair Manager and occupants should take actions to protect their property and personal safety.

Tent & Equipment Rentals

City Fair Manager will supply, set-up and take-down a 10-foot by 10-foot tent for an additional $100 per weekend if reserved in advance. Day of use rentals are $115 per weekend. Included will be a minimum 70-pound weight on each leg of the tent, 10-foot by 10-foot tent frame and canopy, our staff will setup and take down the tent. Price does not include space rental fees, side walls, tables or chairs. A limited number of tents are available.

Tables are available with advanced notice for $10 per weekend. Day-of-use table rentals are $15 per day.

Chairs are available for $5 per weekend.

Any damages to Vendor’s products remain the sole responsibility of the Vendor.

City Fair Manager does not loan tents or sidewalls.

Premium Space Areas

The additional rental charge for Contracted space in the City Fair, in a premium location is charged at a flat rate of $800.00 per season.


Generators are allowed in the City Fair area with prior written approval. Generators are limited to only certain areas of the City Fair area due to noise pollution. Vendors must use only generators with the lowest possible noise decibel levels, under 65 decibels, while in use.

Generators must:

  • Be located a minimum of 10’ feet from cooking operation, fuel source, tents (yours and your neighbors), trailers (yours and your neighbors) and buildings unless permanently attached to the cooking trailer.
  • Permanently attached generator must be at least 18-inches from fuel source and propane containers.
  • All generator exhaust must be pointed away from propane, people, structures and combustibles.

Outdoor rated extension cords and surge protectors of adequate length are the responsibility of Vendor and must be the three wire/grounded type commercial type water resistant (essential for safety), as short as possible to reach from appliance to generator with little or no extra cord, and of #12 conductor, 3 wires with ground wire. Bare or exposed wire is unacceptable, may not be used and must be replaced immediately. Electrical cords must be protected and covered to prevent any possibility of tripping by any persons.

Returned Payment Fee

City Fair Manager does not accept check payments.

If the Vendor’s financial institution for any reason returns a Vendor’s payment, a fee of $45.00 will be assessed and added to Vendor’s invoice. This fee and the payment amount must be paid in cash or money order or certified check to City Fair Manager within five days and prior to Vendor’s entry to another City Fair day.

Nonprofit Organizations

Space permitting, City Fair each Fair day will have available for local nonprofit organizations that are designated as such under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and provide appropriate documentation of this status, a single space for use by the approved nonprofit organizations to conduct their business. Tents, tables, and chairs are not included. Nonprofit organizations should use this space for a minimum of three weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) during the Fair season. Space will be assigned by City Fair Manager based on, in their sole discretion, the best and highest use for the community good. Community health projects will have priority. A rate of $30 is available for approved nonprofit organizations, per weekend (three consecutive days). This weekend rate continues to be available for the first three weekends Contracted by the nonprofit organization. Due to the steeply discounted space, Non-profit Vendors will be assigned a space as space becomes available. These vendors will be assigned a space no less than 2 days prior to the requested date or dates.

Local nonprofit organizations that Contract a space for more than three weekends will be offered a 50% discount on regular Fair prices.

No beverages may be sold or given away in the nonprofit space. Food products may only be sold upon approval by the City Fair Manager, prior to the date of sale and with required permit or approval to sell by the Anchorage health department. Nonprofit organizations agree to have booth open and staffed during City Fair open hours.

Kids Fair

Space permitting, City Fair each Fair day will have available for local area children under the age of 17, a single space for use by the approved youth to conduct their business. Tents, tables, and chairs are not included. Kids Fair participants should use this space for a minimum of three weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) during the Fair season at no cost. Space will be assigned by City Fair Manager based on, in their sole discretion, the best and highest use for the youth entrepreneur. Due to the steeply discounted space, Kids Fair Vendors will be assigned a space as space becomes available. These vendors will be assigned a space no less than 2 days prior to the requested date or dates.

Kids that Contract a space for more than three weekends will be offered a rate of $30.00/per weekend.

No beverages may be sold or given away in the Kids Fair space. Food products may only be sold upon approval by the City Fair Manager, prior to the date of sale and with the required permit or approval to sell by the Anchorage health department. Kids Fair participant agrees to have booth open during City Fair open hours.

Exclusive Product Sales

Exclusive rights to sell on a Contracted space a national multi-level franchise product, e.g. Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Lip Sense, etc. may be granted to one Vendor in the City Fair for the season. Franchise line exclusivity is $300.00 per season for exclusivity on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; exclusivity is based on franchise name, not product type. Vendor is obligated to have available for purchase or order multiple items for which exclusive rights were purchased on each of at least 15 three day weekends during the City Fair season and must be able to document such performance. Exclusivity will not be granted or sold for brand name consumer products.

Rights to sell national multi-level franchise products will be granted on a “first-come first-served” basis by product. Exclusivity agreements must be signed and paid before June 15, 2023. City Fair Manager will make known to all Vendors that an exclusivity agreement for these products has been signed. Vendors, other than the Vendor purchasing the exclusivity rights, may not display, advertise, or sell those products in their booth.

Attendance and Punctuality

All Vendors must check-in by 9:00 AM each Fair day Contracted; check-in is completed when Vendor occupies their Contracted space by 9:00 AM each Contracted Fair day. Vendors must be open for business by 1:00 PM on each Contracted City Fair Friday, 11:00 AM on each Contracted City Fair Saturday and 11:00am on each Sunday. Space or craft table reservations and any monies paid for that City Fair day shall be forfeited in the event a Vendor arrives at any time after 9:00 AM unless prior arrangements have been made and approved in writing by City Fair Manager. Vendors arriving late must immediately check-in with the City Fair Manager and will be moved to the top of any stand-by waiting list and assigned any available space at no additional charge. In the event that a Vendor will be absent from the Fair, Vendor may select another three day weekend, so long as Vendor provides advance written notice to the City Fair Manager prior to 8:00 AM of the Contracted day to be missed, up to one time. Date change requests will incur a $20 processing fee per changed date.

No vehicle will be allowed to enter the City Fair area after 9:00 AM. For the safety of Vendors and Fairgoers, all vehicles must be out of City Fair area by 9:15 AM. If City Fair Manager has not re-assigned a late arriving Vendor’s space, the late arriving Vendor may occupy the space, but cannot drive a vehicle in the City Fair area.

Once a late-arriving Vendor receives a space, they may then hand cart, carry their items to their assigned booth space. NO vehicles are allowed in Fair at this time. A Vendor may borrow a cart from the City Fair when one is available, provided they return it to the designated area immediately after unloading. Vendors may bring their own carts and helpers.

Stand-by Vendors are required to follow the same rules as other Vendors and should be familiar with their Vendor Contract and Vendor Handbook. Upon mutual agreement, stand-by Vendors may be assigned a space that is less than the standard 10-foot-wide by 20-foot-deep space with no adjustment in rates.

Opening and Closing City Fair

The City Fair Manager reserves the right to shorten any City Fair day by minutes or hours, to allow Vendors to leave due to inclement weather (or for other reasons) while keeping the City Fair open, to close the City Fair, and to close City Fair and then reopen it. The decision to do so rests with the City Fair Manager during each City Fair day.

Vendors’ rights in such events shall be those set forth in their Vendor Contract and as set forth in this Handbook which is itself part of each Vendor’s Contract. The decision of the City Fair Manager shall be final.

In making this decision, the City Fair Manager may be guided by considerations of convenience, weather or the like, and the decision may – but is not guaranteed to – facilitate or contribute to the health, safety or welfare of Vendors, their agents, servants, employees, guests, invitees, customers and others. Notwithstanding the fact that the City Fair Manager has the discretion to so act, City Fair does not, by doing so, undertake to protect the health, safety or welfare of such persons; the responsibility for doing so lies solely and exclusively with the Vendor.

Fair Hours

Vendors are required to be open for business – rain, shine, or wind – during City Fair hours unless prior arrangements have been made with the City Fair Manager in writing. The City Fair shall be open to the public during the hours of 1:00 PM through 6:00PM local time each City Fair day on Fridays, 11:00 AM through 6:00 PM local time each City Fair day on Saturdays as well as 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time each City Fair day on Sundays. The City Fair Manager will attempt to communicate with Vendors in writing regarding an exception to this policy. Vendor agrees to operate the Contracted space continuously during these Fair hours each City Fair day that has been Contracted. Prior planning, with respect to inventory, is essential. Vendors should plan for inclement weather by having ready for use a waterproof shelter, weights, and other equipment necessary for operation during bad weather. City Fair Manager does not rent or sell tents or weights except as listed earlier in this Handbook.

Parking and Access

Vendors may arrive at the City Fair as early as 8:00 AM on Fair days and remain until 7:30 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to set-up and takedown. Vendors specifically agree that they shall have no right of access to the Contracted space prior to the commencement or after the expiration of the stated term, for any purpose unless otherwise stated in writing from City Fair Manager.

The first hours (from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Fridays then again 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Saturdays and Sundays) and the last one and one half hours (from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (Saturdays) or 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM (Sundays) shall be used for set-up and takedown of the Vendor’s equipment, furniture and other personal property. Vehicle access to and from the Contracted space shall be restricted to the period of 8:00 AM to 12:15 PM Fridays and 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Saturdays and Sundays then again from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Saturdays or 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Sundays, or at City Fair Manager’s discretion. All gates will be closed by 8:30 PM each Saturday of the Fair season. Parking after 8:30 PM Sundays is not allowed.

Vendors must only park in the approved Vendor parking area. If the Vendor parking area is full, Vendors must park in the nearest available or open parking space near the designated Vendor parking area. Vendors and their employees must not park in any parking lot owned by another business.

At no time will anyone block any portion of any public roadway or customer parking spaces.

Vendors will use extreme caution in moving vehicles; maximum speed limit in the Fair area is 3 mph, when safe. Any vehicle that is specifically authorized in writing to remain on the Contracted space during the term of the Vendor Contract must sit entirely within the Contracted space. Vehicles are not permitted in the City Fair area except as provided herein. All Vendors may use vehicles during set-up and takedown hours. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to ensure all family members, contractors and booth employees are aware of City Fair rules and traffic patterns.

Vendors are required to assist in facilitating efficient set-up and takedown by:

  • Parking their vehicle as close to booth as possible and never blocking travel lanes.
  • Immediately upon arrival at booth location, unloading vehicle and moving vehicle to the designated Vendor parking area prior to set-up of tent or booth contents.
  • Not entering Fair area to load at the end of the day until all merchandise, tents and other booth items are packed and ready to load.
  • Loading vehicles as quickly as possible and immediately removing vehicles from the Fair area.
  • Turning off vehicle while loading, unloading, or idling in traffic to assist in reducing noxious fumes and noise.
  • Not being overanxious about leaving the Fair area after close of the business day. Booths are required to be open for business for all Fair hours.
  • Reducing to a minimum the number of vehicles and trips taken into the Fair area.

Vehicles and trailers may be used within Contracted area by Vendors during City Fair hours only if they have a demonstrated need for the vehicle during Fair hours, the vehicle or trailer fits within the Contracted area and Vendor has obtained the prior written approval of the City Fair Manager who will designate special placement designed to impose minimal impact on adjacent Vendors. This approval is usually limited to produce trucks and food trailers. Vendors grant the City Fair Manager the right to require Vendors to move, or to remove at Vendor’s sole cost and expense, any vehicle, equipment, furniture, or other property of any kind, which does not sit entirely within the Contracted space. Any emergency movement of vehicles during Fair operating hours shall be completed only with approval and supervision of the City Fair Manager.

Use of Common Areas

Common areas are designed to provide enough open area for the common enjoyment of City Fair visitors to pass from Vendor to Vendor without inconvenience or disruption. Accordingly, the City Fair Manager will endeavor to prevent individuals from congregating, soliciting, selling, promoting or in any manner interrupting, impeding, or interfering with the free and easy access of visitors as they attempt to visit City Fair Vendors. Center of aisle may be used for sponsor and Fair signs, tables, benches, decorations, refuse containers, recycling bins and the placement of raffle vehicles, snow machines, boats, etc. at the sole discretion of the City Fair Manager.

Roving entertainers, with prior approval of City Fair Manager, may use open or common areas including the aisles. Entertainers may receive donations for their performances; however, if they provide a product (e.g. CDs or apparel) for sale, they must Contract a space from City Fair. Another option is to arrange with the entertainment coordinator to perform on stage if a stage is available. Vendors who are inadvertently disturbed by the activities of roving entertainers must first politely converse their concerns with the entertainer, if the entertainer is not receptive of the Vendors friendly and polite conversation, then the Vendor is encouraged to contact the City Fair Manager for resolution of the problem.

Vendors should consider use of common areas for activities described above when requesting their space.

Hawking, making excessive noise, creating odors or scents, or other disruptive activities by Vendors to draw attention to their booth or products is not allowed in the City Fair. All Vendor activity must be confined to the Vendor’s Contracted area and if music, sounds, or loud talk is audible from adjoining booths, it should be addressed by the Vendor and if the matter is not resolved, it should then be reported to the City Fair Manager. The City Fair Manager will inform the offending Vendor that the noise is disruptive and whom it is disrupting, the offending Vendor must take immediate actions to lower the volume or eliminate the noise, odor or scents. No public address systems may be used in the Vendor booths. If a vendor wishes to play family friendly music from their booth space, they may absolutely do so if the music has been approved by the Fair Manager in writing and the Vendor has provided the Fair Manager with enough time to notify all surrounding vendors in writing. The Fair is a music friendly environment.

Clean Up

By the end of the term of the Vendor Contract each Contracted City Fair day (7:30 PM Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), Vendors shall remove all equipment, furniture, other property and trash from the Contracted space and surrounding area and shall leave the Contracted space and surrounding area in good order and in better condition than it was received with absolutely no waste on the ground. Vendor shall remove all trash from the City Fair area, doing so is the sole responsibility of the Vendor. If items such as refuge, oil containers, zip-ties, broken mirrors, etc. are found to be left in a Vendor’s Contracted space, Vendor will be billed on time and materials, not less than $200.00 for the cleaning of the Vendor space.

In using the Contracted space, Vendor shall not damage the Contracted space or surrounding area or apply markings or other signs or things of any kind to the Contracted space and surrounding area. Vendor shall not intentionally or accidentally cause or allow any substance of any kind to be spilled, dropped, or placed upon or around the Contracted space, or surrounding area.

No substance other than clear, clean water may be poured in the grass or street drains. Gray water must be disposed of in an approved dumping station. Additional quantities of liquids should be removed from the Fair area by Vendor and properly disposed of in an approved facility in accordance with good industry practice and Municipality of Anchorage regulations/ordinances. All oil and grease or shortenings must be removed from the Fair area by Vendor.

Vendor shall be liable to City Fair Manager for any and all costs incurred by City Fair in cleaning or removing or in causing to be cleaned or removed, any substance of any kind which is left upon the Contracted space, or surrounding area, or which is left upon areas around the Contracted space and which came to be upon the area around the Contracted space as a result of the actions or inaction of the Vendor, its agents, servants, employees, contractors, guests or invitees.

Waste Disposal

Vendors must supply a waste collection container for their use and for use by their customers. Each vendor is responsible for removing from the City Fair Area; their own waste as well as any waste collected in their customer waste collection container. If vendor so chooses, vendor may rent from the City Fair Manager, at NO COST a single 39-gallon waste container. Vendor must return the container or containers at the conclusion of the vendor’s final Contracted day for the 2023 City Fair season. Vendor will be responsible for transporting the container to and from the City Fair area for the duration of all Contracted weekends.

Signs, Display and Placement

All of Vendor’s equipment, furniture, items offered for sale or otherwise displayed and all other property of any kind maintained on the Contracted space during the term of Vendor Contract shall be clean, neat, attractive and presentable as determined in the sole discretion of City Fair Manager, and shall be of a kind and character, the appearance of which is suitable for and consistent with the City Fair mission statement and the intended atmosphere and use, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the City Fair Manager. No sign or other Vendor-owned item may be placed outside of the Contracted area’s boundaries at any time without prior written permission from City Fair Manager. No going out of business, liquidation sale or similar signs are allowed.


City Fair Manager will supply minimal staff for the protection of its own premises, for the advancement of its own interests, and for the enforcement of the City Fair Manager’s decisions in a manner that avoids disputes or other breaches of the peace. Fair staff personnel may incidentally observe and undertake to prevent disputes, breaches of the peace, or other violations of law related to City Fair premises, rights, and interests. The fact that City Fair staff do so should not and will not be interpreted as a decision by City Fair Manager to undertake full security for City Fair.

Responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of Vendors, their agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, and customers remain the sole and exclusive responsibility of Vendors. Should Vendors determine that security is necessary, Vendor shall supply security at their own cost and expense. City Fair Manager, its agents, servants, employees, or contractors will not be involved in incidences of theft or shoplifting.

Leaving Equipment and Merchandise Overnight

City Fair Vendors who participate all three weekend days, and retain the same booth for all three days, may leave their tent or shelter as well as any equipment in place with the understanding that it is left at their own risk and peril. All Merchandise and items of value must be removed from the City Fair area and may not be left overnight. City Fair Manager can make no guarantee that theft or damages will not occur. The City Fair Manager, its agents, servants, employees or contractors shall not be responsible for any Vendor losses or of damages to equipment or merchandise due to wind, temperature, fire, theft, vandalism or for any other reason. Vendors leaving items should be aware of the wind and weather considerations in the Fair area and ensure that their tents and other items in their Contracted space are securely weighted with tent weights, no less than 70lbs per tent frame leg and anchored to the ground while in the Fair area overnight.

No Vendor or Fair personnel, other than Fair night staff personnel or City Fair Manager, will be allowed in the Fair area outside of Fair hours without express written permission from the Fair Manager. Violators will be subject to arrest for trespassing.

Advertising, Promotions and Special Events

City Fair Manager will devise and implement an advertising and promotion program to encourage Anchorage visitors and residents to regularly participate in the festivities and shop at Vendor’s booths. Quantity of advertising will be dependent upon available revenues from the rental of booths. Vendors are required to help promote City Fair by displaying signs and posting on social media platforms the vendors location for the weekend.

Vendors are encouraged to attach a legible sign to their booth stating the name of the business. Compliance will help enhance the professional appearance of City Fair. The City Fair Manager reserves the right in its sole discretion to approve all signage.

The City Fair Manager encourages all Vendors, merchants, and their employees to wear personalized nametags indicating their first name.

City Fair Manager may make available for purchase by Vendors and the general public items of clothing, shopping bags, decals, stickers and other items that display the City Fair logo.

Speakers Corner

Based on availability, and to the extent there is interest, the City Fair Manager will make available certain limited space for use by volunteer (uncompensated) speakers, debaters, or others making presentations, vocally, visually, or by handout, or those collecting signatures on topics of general community interest. Space granted for these activities will not conflict with, obstruct, or in any way impede use by Vendors and City Fair visitors. Such space shall be the exclusive space available for such use at the City Fair. All parties making use of such space shall do so in a manner that is consistent with the City Fair mission and the intended atmosphere and use. If such individuals are being compensated, they must request Contracted space in the dedicated promotional area. All petitions and gathering of signatures must be done only within one’s Contracted space or at Fair entrances on non-Contracted property.

No Interfering Use

Vendor, its agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, customers or other persons authorized by City Fair Manager to use City Fair area shall not use all or any portion of the City Fair area in a manner which impedes, obstructs or interferes with any other Vendor’s Contracted space or any Vendor’s ability to conduct business operations from its Contracted space, or in a manner which impedes, obstructs or interferes with the free flow of pedestrian traffic throughout the City Fair area.

All persons authorized by City Fair Manager to use any portion of the City Fair area whether pursuant to a Vendor Contract or otherwise, shall be bound by the provisions of this Handbook and the Vendor Contract.

Release and Agreement Not to Sue

Vendor releases and forever discharges Anchorage City Fair the City Fair Manager, its agents, servants, employees and contractors and their successors in interest (hereinafter collectively referred to as “release”) from all actions, suits, claims, demands and damages of every kind and nature, including but not limited to those beyond the inherent risk of an outdoor Fair, whether special, incidental, consequential or otherwise, mature or to mature in the future, arising out of or in any way connected with the relationship created by the Vendor Contract between Vendor and Anchorage City Fair, Vendor’s occupancy and/or use of the City Fair area or any portion thereof, or any acts, omissions, faults or negligence of release.

Vendor agrees not to sue the release for any of the matters released above. In the event Vendor breaches this agreement not to sue, release shall be entitled to recover their actual reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in defending against any action brought by Vendor.

Logo Use

Anchorage City Fair is the owner of and claims copyright and trademark protection for the City Fair logo and has the sole and exclusive right to use, Fair, license, and profit from use of the logo. Vendors wishing to use the City Fair logo must apply in writing to the City Fair Manager.

Product Pricing and Competition

Pricing of goods sold at the City Fair is solely the responsibility of Vendors. Competitive pricing is encouraged.

No exclusives are granted to any Vendor at City Fair other than those addressed earlier regarding multi-level franchises and Food Vendors. It is likely that other Vendors will offer for sale items similar or identical to those sold by another Vendor, and often within proximity. It is the Vendor’s sole responsibility to ensure that their products are competitive in price, quality, and other criteria. Should a Vendor wish to move to another location to avoid a competitor, or for other reasons, City Fair Manager will assist, provided that an open space is available where requested, and that the move is made the next weekend or later after the request is made.

Health and Regulatory Matters

Vendors and all other personnel authorized by City Fair Manager to use all or any portion of the City Fair area shall comply with any and all federal, state and local laws, statutes, enactments, rules, mandates and regulations of any kind or nature whatsoever in the use of City Fair area. Vendors selling fresh or frozen fish shall also provide City Fair Manager with copies of appropriate Municipality of Anchorage and/or State of Alaska permits and certificates.

All Vendors selling food product of any type are required to obtain a Municipality of Anchorage health permit. Further, food employees must have a current food handler’s card. Contact Municipality of Anchorage, Department of Health & Human Services, Environmental Services Division, 825 L Street (Post Office Box 196650), Anchorage, AK 99519-6650. Call 907-343-4815 for more information. Copies of current Municipality of Anchorage health department permits to operate in the City Fair shall be delivered to the City Fair Manager before Vendor first occupies Contracted space.

Pets (animal, reptile or other) will be allowed in Contracted space or elsewhere in the City Fair area provided they are securely caged or leashed within the Vendor’s Contracted space. The public can bring pets, on leashes, into the Fair area, provided they are in compliance with Municipality of Anchorage Code Title 17. Owners agree to immediately remove aggressive animals and clean up after their pets. Live animals may not be sold in City Fair without prior approval of City Fair Manager and proof of compliance by Vendor with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and licensing requirements.


Vendors agree to keep any open flame a minimum of three feet away from combustible material(s) including canopy or covering, and to conform to all fire safety requirements, laws and regulations. Vendor agrees to maintain a current and tagged 2A10BC fire extinguisher on Vendor’s Contracted space at all times. Further, Vendors will be responsible for ensuring their tents, tables, inventory and other items located in their Contracted space area are securely anchored with weight bags or bricks weighing at least 70 pounds on each leg of a tent in case of wind gusts or other inclement weather conditions. Vendors remain solely responsible for any damages caused by items within their Contracted area (including craft tables) or by their vehicles while in the Fair area and are required to obtain liability insurance – enough to cover such potential damages.


City Fair Manager requires a certificate showing that the Vendor has insurance prior to their first day at City Fair a minimum of $500,000.00 general and product liability insurance that names Anchorage City Fair as additional named insured directly on the COI. We suggest that Vendors inform their insurance broker of all activities they will engage in during the policy period, as other events may be included under the same policy. In recent years, several of the home owner or apartment renters’ policies allow for riders to include this insurance requirement at less expense than purchasing the policy individually will cost.

Should you hire employees, including family members, the state and federal governments require you to carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, pay into state and federal unemployment insurance funds, withhold and pay employees’ federal income taxes and pay into Social Security and Medicare funds. Your liability insurance broker can likely help you with the Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The other requirements are handled by IRS or U.S. Department of Labor. To go without these mandatory items is illegal. Should an employee have an accident or make a claim, it can put all your assets at risk, and it is illegal for you not to have proper insurance or fail to withhold and/or pay payroll taxes. Employees 17 years old or younger are restricted in what duties they may perform and what hours they can work. Contact Alaska Department of Labor for details.

Product Restrictions

The City Fair Manager currently reserves the option of not Contracting space to Vendors whose activities or products do not assist in fulfilling the City Fair mission as determined at the City Fair Manager’s sole discretion. The right to establish categories and quality standards for items to be sold at City Fair is reserved to the City Fair Manager. Only new items or items determined by the City Fair Manager to be authentic antiques or collectibles generally recognized as valuable among a broad base of collectors can be sold at the City Fair. Sale of used paperback books is not allowed. Sale of pull-tabs or “rippies” or lottery tickets is prohibited. Sale of raffle tickets is limited to non-profit organizations who possess a State of Alaska gaming permit, operate all aspects of the raffle themselves and limit sale to persons 18 years of age or older.

Vendors who have not paid food space fees may not sell or give away any food or beverage for onsite consumption except that Vendors may sell cookies, other baked goods and prepackaged Cottage foods, with permission of the Anchorage health department. Vendors may give away samples of food or beverages in portions of one-fourth ounce (1/4 ounce) or less provided the items and dispensing methods have been approved by the Anchorage health department and the item(s) dispensed is compatible with City Fair Sponsorship agreements and does not compete with our Food Vendors. City Fair Manager will be sole judge of what is appropriate.

Vendors acknowledge that they will not display, promote for sale illegal drugs, illegal drug paraphernalia, air guns, BB guns, water guns, paintball guns, paintball supplies; fireworks, stink bombs, poppers; violent, dangerous, lethal martial arts items; lewd, erotic or pornographic material or displays; or engage in or promote loud, disruptive or boisterous behavior. Sale of knives, swords or non-lethal martial arts weapons to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited and Vendors selling these items must display a sign provided by Vendor indicating that sales to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited by Fair policy.

The City Fair Manager may enter into sponsorship agreements with various companies or organizations that include restrictions on what brand of products may be sold at City Fair, e.g., soft drinks, potato chips and similar items. Vendors agree to abide by these sponsorship agreements as a condition of their contract providing such notice is given at least 30 days in advance of a Fair date.

Policy Exception

The City Fair Manager has the authority in its sole discretion to grant exceptions to City Fair policies on an individual basis. Suggested improvements or changes to existing policy may be made in writing and emailed to the City Fair Manager. City Fair Manager will review policy changes and up to a month may be required for a response.

Change of Address or Telephone

Vendors are required to notify the City Fair Manager by email of any changes to Vendors current addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.


Where verbal direction or policy may be interpreted to conflict with the Vendor Contract, the Vendor Contract and written policies shall be the prevailing authority.


The City Fair Manager welcomes suggestions from City Fair Vendors and their employees. It is requested that the suggestions be in writing and emailed to the City Fair Manager.

Anchorage Fire Regulations for Vendor Tent and Membrane Structures


Tent: A structure, canopy, enclosure, or shelter with or without sidewalls or drops, constructed of fabric or pliable material supported by any manner except by air or contents within.

Membrane Structure: An air-inflated, air supported, cable or frame covered structure.

All Vendors must follow Anchorage Fire Department Regulations. Vendors not in compliance will be shut down until Vendor is in compliance and verified by City Fair Manager.

All tents, temporary membrane structures, cooking booths used for non-open flame cooking or warming of food shall be made of flame-resistive material in a manor approved by NFPA-701 with proper tag attached to tent fabric stating NFPA-701 compliance. Membrane structures or tents, including canopies, shall have a legible permanently affixed label meeting the flame propagation performance.

Open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat, use of flammable liquids, gas, charcoal or cooking devices shall not be inside or located within 20 feet of a tent or membrane structure while it is open to the public unless approved by the fire code official and by the City Fair Manager.

Every individual vendor will have a minimum of (1) current and tagged, type 2A10BC rated fire extinguisher.

Smoking shall not be permitted in tents, canopies, cooking booths or membrane structures or within the City Fair area. “No Smoking” signs shall be conspicuously posted in each Vendor structure. No smoking including use of marijuana and electronic cigarettes is allowed inside the City Fair area at any time.

Portable heaters are not permitted inside tents. Exception: Exterior heaters that are ducted into tents.

Tents or structures may not block access to hydrants, Fire Department Connections on any nearby buildings, nor required fire lanes.

Only outdoor rated electrical cords, power strips and power taps will be permitted, with attached manufacturers tag. Daisy chains of extension cords and power taps is not permitted. Indoor extension cords, power strips and power taps are prohibited.

All electrical cords must be inspected by Vendor for damage prior to use and replaced immediately if damaged by responsible Vendor.

Electrical cords shall be protected on walking surfaces and areas to prevent trip hazards and abrasion. Ensure you have proper electrical cord covers.

For more information and to ensure you are in compliance with all Anchorage Fire Department regulations, please contact Anchorage Fire Department at: Address: 4700 Elmore Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507 Phone: (907) 267-4900

City Fair Manager Enforcement

These policies and rules have been created to ensure that the City Fair is in compliance with all State of Alaska and Municipality of Anchorage regulations/ordinances as well as providing an experience that is fun, profitable and fair as possible for the Vendors, customers and staff of City Fair. While the City Fair Manager will devote energy to enforcement of the provisions of this Handbook and the Vendor Contract, Vendors shall not hold the Manager or its agents, servants, employees and contractors responsible for any real or perceived lack of enforcement of such provisions. These policies and Vendor Contract provisions give the City Fair Manager the option but not the obligation of enforcement. The provision of each Vendor Contract and of this Handbook, which is incorporated into each Vendor Contract, bind the parties to each Vendor Contract and create and confer no rights or benefits in favor of any third party.

Thank you for reading through this Handbook. Our single goal is to ensure that the 2023 Anchorage City Fair season is safe, fun, and profitable for everyone involved. Thank you for being part of the Anchorage City Fair. We look forward to a successful, profitable, and fun 2023 season.

City Fair Food Vendor Supplement Terms, Conditions & Policies


We want to welcome you to the Anchorage City Fair. Great and memorable food is essential to our City Fair’s success. We want to work with you for many years in developing an outstanding booth with a superb reputation and the best food of its kind in Anchorage and beyond. Meanwhile, it is as important for us as it is for you that your efforts are rewarded with a good profit and a hassle free, fun work environment.

Following in this supplement we will address the majority of the requirements or expectations of a Food Vendor that may not be fully covered in our Vendor Handbook. We will always leave a question unanswered, that’s just normal. We urge you to ask those questions early on before the opening of the season. Give us a text, send us an email, or stop us at the City Fair. Likewise, if you encounter a problem at City Fair, let us know what the problem is and how we can help resolve the issue.

Safety is our primary concern and that is reflected in our rules and requirements listed in this document. The City Fair typically attracts many thousands of Fairgoers each season and a flash fire or food poisoning would be devastating. We work very closely with the Anchorage Fire Department (AFD) and the Anchorage Health Department (HHS) and fully expect that our Food Vendors do likewise.

Important Links


Each Food Vendor is allowed two semi-exclusive items for each Contracted Space.

Semi-exclusives help keep the variety and customer interest in our food court high and offer Food Vendors the assurance week to week that their product is not going to be unexpectedly duplicated by other vendors. Semi-exclusives also allow Food Vendors to intelligently plan the purchase of perishable food items.

You can change your menu. However, the change must be made known to and approved in writing by the City Fair manager prior to implementation. In most cases we will require a sample of the new item you propose to sell at City Fair. However, it is still up to the Vendor to compete by providing the highest quality product and service at a price that offers the consumer the best value. We will give much more consideration to the actual product rather than the name. Piroshky, empanadas, sausages, kabobs and other items may sound the same but can be entirely different items due to ingredients and preparation techniques. City Fair Manager will make the final decision as to what is deemed an appropriate product and what qualifies as a semi-exclusive.

Trailer or Tent

To ensure your assigned space will be adequate for your needs, please let us know when you submit your Vendor Contract if you will be using a tent or trailer to operate from. Food Vendors will be provided with a 10-foot wide by 20-foot deep unless additional vendor space width is contracted. Additional vendor space width may be Contracted in 5-foot wide increments. No overhang is allowed. If using a trailer, send a photograph and/or a drawing as well as exact dimensions of the trailer with hitch, and indicate which end or side you will be serving from. All items associated with your Fair operations must fit completely within your Contracted space, including Coca-Cola barrels, signs, tables, condiments, employees, POS equipment, etc.

Outdoor Cooking Appliances

All cooking appliances places on a grass surface must be located directly on top of a noncombustible material such a paver bricks, gravel, rock, dirt, etc. to help ensure the grass is protected from damage caused by the heat of the cooking appliance.

Good Practices

You and your employees are a very visible and important component of City Fair. It is essential that Food Vendors train their employees in good practices such as:

  • Maintaining foods at proper temperatures always: hot foods hot and cold foods cold
  • Fire Extinguishers at the ready always
  • Proper clothing for food service worker: clean garments, head covered, gloves when handling food
  • Disposing of grease, wastewater and trash by approved methods only
  • Washing hands with soap and water after any unsanitary task, i.e. handling money, going to the restroom, blowing nose, etc.
  • Controlling smoke or fumes generated in your space so they do not bother neighboring space or public – use a fan if necessary, to direct smoke
  • Smoking of tobacco, marijuana, vapors, etc. is prohibited in the City Fair area
  • No children’s diaper changes in Food space
  • No pets of any kind in a Food space

Coca-Cola of Alaska Sponsorship

We have an exclusive sponsorship agreement with Coca-Cola of Alaska mandating that all prepackaged beverages sold in the Fair will be purchased DIRECTLY FROM COCA-COLA BOTTLING OF ALASKA. Food Vendors must place their beverage orders directly through the City Fair with the provided order form. Our sponsor agreement requires that only plastic bottles of soft drinks, water, sports drinks, juices, teas and flavor enhanced water may be sold (20 oz plastic bottles only when available – no glass bottles allowed). Every Sunday afternoon we will email each Food Vendor a Coca-Cola of Alaska order form listing size and price of the most common items eligible for sale in the City Fair. Food Vendors may complete the order form and return to us by email to

Orders must be received by Coca-Cola by 2:00PM Wednesday and will be delivered to the Fair on Friday. All sales are C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery).

Coca-Cola will provide upon request to each vendor at no charge one 2’ x 6’ banner and an insulated Coca-Cola ice barrel for chilling and displaying your beverages. The ice barrel must be returned at the end of the season, and a new one re-issued at the beginning of the following season. If none is returned, none will be issued next year.

Vendor agrees to honor this sponsorship agreement with Coca-Cola of Alaska when you signed your Vendor Contract. We make it known to Vendors by inclusion in the Vendor Handbook, and conversations we have with prospective Food Vendors.

ALL food vendors must make available for sale in their space, at least 1 type of Coca-Cola bottled beverage at all times.

Any Vendor who chooses not to comply with this Coca-Cola agreement will immediately forfeit their right to sell beverages of any kind in City Fair for the remainder of the 2023 season and must immediately remove from display and sale all beverage items, not just the products found to be in violation of the agreement.

Electrical Service

Vendors must supply their own outdoor rated extension cords and they must be #12 gauge conductors, 3-wires with ground and marked for outdoor use and include an outdoor rated surge protector for each cord used. Cords must have 3 prongs intact. 50 AMP extension cords must be 6/3 & 8/1 gauge. Electrical cords must be protected on walking surfaces to prevent trip hazards and abrasion, and cords should be inspected by responsible vendor for damage and tested before use. Electrical cords must be free from frays, chips, cracks, or other damage, if a cord is damaged it must immediately be replaced with an undamaged cord.

All appliances must be in good working order and UL listed. Appliances not in good working order or not UL listed will not be allowed. Each appliance should have a name plate rating for power requirements. The UL certification is usually on this name plate. Should you need electrical service, it is necessary to find the plate on each of your electrical appliances and find their electrical needs in volts (120 usually); watts and/or amps. Be aware of the appliance’s electrical needs when you purchase them.


Generators are allowed in the City Fair area with prior written approval. Generators are limited to only certain areas of the City Fair area due to noise pollution. Vendors must use only generators with the lowest possible noise decibel levels, less than 65 decibels while in use.

Generators must:

  • Be places on a noncombustible surface to help protect the grass.
  • Be located a minimum of 10’ feet from cooking operation, fuel source tents, trailers and buildings unless permanently attached to the trailer.
  • Permanently attached generator must be at least 18-inches from fuel source and propane containers.
  • Permanently attached generator exhaust must be pointed away from propane, people, structures and combustibles.

Permits & Licenses.

Alaska Business License – $50 per year and must be in the same name you are using in your space. Obtain from Alaska Department of Community, Commerce & Economic Development online at

Municipality Health Permit – Anchorage requires a health license, and it is priced by the level of hazard that they perceive is presented by your product selection and other factors. Also, there must be a Food Protection Manager Certified in your booth and all employees must obtain a Food Workers Card within 60 days of hire. Contact the Health Department (HHS) by calling 907-343-4063 or online at. This site contains valuable information and has all the forms for download that you will need. Provide us with a copy of the health permit once approved.

Most Food Vendors will need the use of a licensed kitchen to use as their commissary. Should you have questions, you will find the Health Department staff very helpful. Normally, the Anchorage Health Department will inspect food spaces every weekend at random and often dressed as a customer. We work closely with them to correct any potential problems and encourage our Food Vendors to do likewise. The last thing any of us needs is a food borne illness traced to the City Fair. Make sure that you discuss with the Health Department any other Fairs or shows that you will participate in this year in Anchorage. A roving license or some other special license may be available that will cover all your activities and overall cost much less than individual event licenses.

DEC Oversite – Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation cedes regulatory jurisdiction for food establishment inspections to the Anchorage Health Department. Normally, you will not need a permit or be inspected by DEC. However, DEC does have jurisdiction over dairy, fish and seafood products sold in Anchorage.

Anchorage Fire Department (AFD) – Several things have evolved over the years to make sure City Fair is fire safe for our vendors and our many tens of thousands of customers. Be aware of the following requirements and make sure that you comply from the first day to the last.

NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPEN YOUR BUSINESS UNTIL YOU ARE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS. Any violation may result in forfeiture of all funds paid and expulsion from the City Fair.

Propane is a big concern and potential threat to City Fair’s fire safety. The maximum amount of propane stored in your booth space should be the amount needed for one weekend (maximum 200# on site). Bottles must be securely held by sitting in a square case or strapped to a post, wall or specialty apparatus designed for this purpose. All propane appliances must have a 20’ or longer hose attached to ensure that your propane source (bottle) is at least 10’ from any open flame … yours or your neighbors… and does not create a tripping hazard in your booth (some appliances with tanks designed in are exempt from 10’ rule). Design your booth’s layout with this in mind. Tanks must be re-inspected every 5-12 years, see Exhibit A below. All equipment, hoses and connectors must be in good shape. Tight fitting lids must be available for all deep fryers and used in case of rain.

Fire Inspection Ready

Beginning in 2019, absolutely NO COOKING under or within 4-feet of a fabric canopy or sidewalls is allowed or permitted while inside the City Fair area.


The Fire Inspector has advised that we may not allow you to open until you have met all AFD requirements.

AFD Mobile Food Vendors Handout and AFD Special Outdoor Events Policy for more details.

All food vendors are required to have a 2A10BC fire extinguisher that is currently certified (with current inspection tags).

A K-class fire extinguisher that is currently certified (with current inspection tags) is also required for all cooking that produces grease laden vapors.

At least one person in your booth must have fire extinguisher training within the last two years and certification on file with the Fair.

Your tent canopy must be constructed of non-combustible materials in accordance with 2018 International Fire Code and properly tagged stating the NFPA 701 compliance.

LPG tanks must be at least 10-feet from ANY open flame; yours or your neighbors. LPG tanks are required to have a minimum 20-foot LPG hose to ensure the proper requirements can be safely met. LPG tanks must be in a milk crate, chained to a stable post or secured in place by some other approved method.

All food vendors are required to review the AFD Mobile Food Vendors Handout: CLICK HERE

All Food vendors are also required to review the AFD Special Outdoor Events Policy: CLICK HERE

Topics include: •All AFD regulationsAFD Inspection checklist*Event Guidelines

It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all 3 AFD documents.

*AFD Inspection checklist MUST be completed every day and remain available in your booth space at all times while at the City Fair. For this reason, we highly recommend downloading and saving the document to your mobile device.

All food vendors must also review and ensure they meet all safety standards shown on Exhibit B and Exhibit C below.


We suggest you call the Fire Marshal’s office, Tom P Furch, Fire Inspector, @ 267-4969. or Fire Marshall, @ 267-4911 ( for guidance as to what will be appropriate for your space. Anchorage Fire Department, 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507. AFD’s website is found HERE.

Any appliance in the booth that could be tipped over must be restrained and protected while being located at least 3 feet from combustibles. Some appliances may need more spacing and should be discussed with Anchorage Fire Department before use. Appliances must be placed on noncombustible materials such as metal.

Only flame-resistant materials that are clearly marked meeting NFPA-701 standards can be used inside of or for the tent or shelter. Use of sterno ( cans is restricted to a noncombustible cover on the table where sterno is present.

Anchorage Fire Department requires that each Food Vendor always have present in the space at least one employee who has completed within the last two years an approved fire extinguisher training course. The person’s certificate must be present in the space whenever Food Vendor is operating. This course is available online, takes about one hour. Make sure you save your filled-out certificate of completion. CLICK HERE for one of many available online training courses available to you. Once you have completed your training please email your completion certificate to We must have a copy of your completion certificate prior to your booth opening at City Fair.

Clean Up

Each Food Vendor is responsible to make sure your Contracted space is left in a state of high cleanliness each Fair day. Upon conclusion of each weekend’s City Fair, each vendor is responsible for ensuring their Contracted space is left in clean condition, please see the Vendor Handbook for more details. We recommend that Food Vendors use non-combustible materials to prevent grease and oil from getting on the ground, you don’t want to be responsible for that cleanup which can easily exceed $1000++. Any spilled grease or oil must be completely cleaned up before you leave. If not, we will call out or hold over a crew and clean it up at YOUR cost. We are not in the grease or oil cleanup business and hope that you will plan and make sure that this is not a problem.



Vendors must supply a waste collection container for their use and for use by their customers. Each vendor is responsible for removing from the City Fair Area; their own waste as well as any waste collected in their customer waste collection container. Vendors may for no reason dispose of waste in surrounding business dumpsters or waste containers. If vendor so chooses, vendor may rent from the City Fair Manager, at NO COST a single 39-gallon waste container from the City Fair Manager. Vendor must return the container or containers at the conclusion of the vendor’s final Contracted day for the 2023 City Fair season. Vendor will be responsible for transporting the container to and from the City Fair area for the duration of all Contracted weekends.

Waste Water

Water that is contaminated in any way must be removed from the City Fair area.

Clear water from your Coca Cola barrel may not be dumped on the grass as it may run into your neighbor’s booth while they have items on the ground. We discourage the use of any chlorinated substances to clean in your booth. Use only ecofriendly cleaning chemicals. Only clean clear water can be drained into the storm drains. If dumping clean and clear water into the storm drains, Vendor must ensure water is poured in front of a water filter, so that any unknown substances are removed from the water prior to the water entering the storm drains.

Key to Success

We have observed Food Vendors for over 30+ years. The successful, long-lasting ones have several traits in common:

Their product is the BEST of its kind in Anchorage or beyond.

  1. They have a small number of items to sell.
  2. They are ready when the customers are ready – they get up earlier and take care of their business and never miss a sale.
  3. They display their product to make it most appealing and decorate their booths, employees, and selves to establish a brand.
  4. They have fun at City Fair.

Helpful Contacts:

Yukon Fire Protection Services, Inc
5451 Laona DR
Anchorage, AK 99518
Sales 563-3608

Suburban Propane
1200 Whitney Road
Anchorage, AK 99501
Sales 272-7581

Alaska Rubber and Supply
5801 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99518
Sales 562-2200

Coke Cola of Alaska/Odom Corp
6300 Changepoint Dr
Anchorage, AK 99518
Missed order on call 907-240-1456