Anchorage Fire Department Minimum Requirements Checklist

**Required Signage:
No Smoking
Flammable Liquid - No Smoking
Fan Must Be On During Cooking

**Propane Requirements:
Tank age <12 years old
Tank(s) Upright and Secured
Required Ventilation
No propane stored inside
Listed propane regulator and hose
Hard piping
200 pound limit
Tanks are secured and protected from vehicle impact. Temporary straps not allowed

**Fire Extinguisher Minimum Requirements
Extinguishers shall be mounted on a vehicle mounting bracket, charged with a current tag
K-Class Extinguisher (req. when cooking w/ grease-laden vapors & solid fuel)
2A:10:BC Extinguisher

**Cooking Equipment Requirements
Type I hood with suppression hood
Nozzle placement
Nozzle placement baffles or 16" required between open flame and deep fryers
Current inspection and cleaning tag
Filters clean
Cooking oil - drained or covered within a sealed unit
Cooking oil storage
Appliances secured
CO I propane gas detectors -explosive gas (combo detectors are permitted)
Smoke detector is required for units greater than 20' feet in length

Relocatable power taps shall be polarized or grounded type, equipped with overcurrent protection and shall be listed in accordance with UL 1363
Power taps shall be UL listed for the amps/wattage for the device(s) plugged into it
Extension cords and power taps shall be rated for outdoors
Extension cords shall be listed with a 3-wire ground type plug
Extension cords shall be a minimum 14 gauge wiring for 1 to 15 amps or 12gauge wiring for 16 to 20 amp loads; maximum length 50' feet
Electrical cords shall be inspected for damage
Extension cords shall not be ran through walls, roof, or under floors
Permanent wiring shall be secured and protected in electrical housing/conduit
Electrical cords exposed as trip hazards shall be protected with bridges or housings
Fixed generator greater than 10' feet from cooking operation and fuel source
Fixed generator greater than 18" inches from and propane containers
Fixed generator exhaust shall be pointed away from propane, people and combustibles
No open spaces on fuse panel
Fuse panel cover

Please a completed copy of this form with your trailer each event day.