Anchorage Market

You can find information regarding our refund policy in the Vendor handbook, on the vendor registration page or by visiting:
In the event of an emergency.
A standard booth space is 10' wide by 20' deep. While a table space is 6' by 10'. If you need a space with additional booth width, you can purchase an additional space or you can expand your booth width in 5' increments.
Yes, you need to have a State of Alaska business license.
Insurance protects you and your business in the event of an accident. You should have insurance that protects you and your business.
Yes, for an additional fee we offer rental equipment to include but not limited to tents, tent weights, tent side walls, tables, chairs, etc. Our equipment rental rates include our staff setting up and taking down the equipment. You simply show up, set your displays and sell.
Yes, you can hire us to setup your tent for you.
All vendor pricing is on the registration page for this event.
Yes! You most certainly need tent weights, wind is destructive. You should have a minimum of 30lbs of tent weight per tent leg. If your tent damages another vendors equipment, you are financially liable. For this reason we recommend purchasing insurance from an insurance provider of your choice.
We will email your space assignment on the Friday prior to your scheduled weekend.