General FAQ’s

By selecting the Events tab from our website, then select the event you are interested in. All general event information will be found there.
Please use the 'Contact Us' form on our website. Once you submit your question you will be redirected to our FAQ's, this confirms your email has been sent. We will respond to your inquiry within 5 business days. (Our business days are Wednesday-Sunday)
Great question! The process is fairly simple and straight forward. You will visit our website, select the events tab and then the event that you're interested in. Once on the event page, select the registration icon, complete the registration and pay the appropriate fee. We will then process your application and that's it! You're now a vendor at the event. If there are any issues with your registration or if we are unable to accept you as a vendor for any reason at the selected event, we will notify you by email within 7 business days.
You can find the Vendor Handbook on the registration page for the event you are interested in. Visit our website, select the events tab, then select the event you are interested in. Once on the event page, select the registration icon and you will find a link to our vendor handbook for that event. Note: The vendor handbook is included in the Terms & Conditions of the event, it is very important that you review the vendor handbook as you may be referred back to it in the event you have a question that is found in the vendor handbook.
This question varies per event. Please refer to the vendor handbook and/or the vendor online registration for the event in question.
We classify a regular vendor as any vendor selling products that do not fit in the food vendor description.
We classify a food vendor as any vendor that is cooking or preparing food on site as well as vendors selling food intended for consumption onsite.
Grandfather rights entitle the prior year vendors to their same exact space number if claimed during the grandfather rights registration period provided that the vendor meets all criteria for the event and had perfect attendance at the event. Please refer to the vendor handbook for more details on the specific criteria for the event in question.
During the grandfather rights period you should reserve your same space. You can also reserve a different space or an additional space with the knowledge that if the vendor with the grandfather rights to that space registers or requests their space during the grandfather rights period, you will be relocated back to your original space until the conclusion of GFR’s. At which point you will have a 7 day ‘priority’ period in which you can request to relocate to a more advantageous location, prior to us opening the event to new vendors.
A premium space is a space that is either larger than a standard space, located in a high visibility area such as at the end of a row or at a cross section. Premium spaces generally offer more selling area or a larger customer frontage. For example: a standard 10'x20' space offers 10' of customer frontage whereas a premium 10'x20' space may offer up to 30' of customer frontage, effectively tripling the amount of exposure your space has as a customer walks by.
No, the open space is for customers to freely flow during the event, these open spaces are often required by AFD and must remain free and clear at all times while the event is open.
Food vendors must first complete the preliminary food vendor questionnaire. We will review the completed form and notify you if/when the space is available for registration. Please contact us by email if you would like a copy of the food vendor questionnaire.
Your booth space may be flagged, another vendor may have reserved the space or grandfather rights may have expired.
Contact us and we will create a ‘Stand-by’ space for you to register in until grandfather right have expired. At the conclusion of grandfather rights, we will notify you so that you may review the available booth spaces and let us know where you would like to relocate to, on a FCFS basis.
Register for your same space, once grandfather rights have expired, we will reassign you to the nearest non-premium space or an available space of your choice and reduce your invoice accordingly.
Space reservations can generally be canceled during the grandfather rights registration period only. Ensure you have reviewed the vendor handbook for the event.

General Event FAQ’s

Vendor's that open their booth space late or close early are subject to a $150.00 fee per incident. Opening late or closing early without first receiving written permission from the event manager reflects poorly on the event from both the customers perspective and the perspective of other vendors. Of course in the event of an emergency, take care of your emergency first then afterwards contact the event manager to let them know what occurred. Your emergency is priority.
You have paid your event fees, if you have a customer in your booth that would like to make a purchase, please make the sale. You are here to make money.
No, sometimes our customers simply are not ready to go home. We will close the event when the majority of vendors agree it is time to do so and when the event manager deems it is safe to allow vendor vehicles into the event area.
Generally you will be able to drive into the event area before and after the event, when event management deems it safe for vehicles to enter. However, this may vary. Please refer to your vendor handbook for more details for your specific event.