Tent and Equipment Rental Request

Please complete the form below to request equipment rental.

Equipment rentals must be paid in full before an order will be confirmed and rental equipment is reserved.

Once the order has been received by and approved by our office, you will receive an emailed invoice for with your total balance; you may pay for your rental equipment directly from the emailed invoice.

    Type of equipment you would like to rent:
    10' by 10' Tent with weights, first day - $85
    Tent with Weights, additional days - $20/day
    4 tent sidewalls -$20
    6' by 2' folding table - $15
    Each additional folding table - $10
    Folding chairs -$5/each

    10' by 10' tent rental, days needed:

    10' by 10' tent rental, quantity needed:

    Tent sidewalls needed:

    6' by 2' folding table, days needed:

    6' by 2' folding table, quantity needed:

    Folding chair, days needed:

    Folding chair, quantity needed:

    Delivery Date:

    Delivery Time:

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    On-site point of contact:

    Removal Date:


    Payment Terms:
    1) A separate invoice will be emailed to you once this rental agreement has been received by and agreed upon by our office.
    2) Payment in full for rental equipment is due within 48 hours of reserving rental equipment and prior to the event.

    Rental Terms:
    1) THEFT, LOSS and DAMAGE– Alaska Markets & Events will not accept responsibility for any theft, loss or damage to vendors' merchandise, contents or equipment incurred for any reason.
    2) Failure of VENDOR to pay the amounts outlined above by within 48 hours shall result in cancellation of rental equipment.
    3) Vendor may receive up to 50% refund given that Alaska Markets & Events receives cancellation request from vendor a minimum of 30 days notice prior to event. If cancellation request from vendor occurs with in 30 days of event no refund will be offered or provided.
    4) Vendor is solely responsible for any damage incurred to rental equipment for any reason whether that be intentional, unintentional, accidental, caused by an unknown reason, result of inclement weather or any other reason whatsoever.
    5) Vendor will immediately reimburse Alaska Markets & Events for the full cost deemed appropriate by Alaska Markets & Events for any damaged caused to rental equipment.
    6) INDEMNIFICATION – VENDOR shall indemnify Alaska Markets & Events and it's employees, staff, merchants and service providers from any loss, damage, injury or harm as a result of services provided or actions of Alaska Markets & Events staff, in-climate weather, other persons, equipment failure or any other act of God.
    7) This AGREEMENT shall be binding upon and shall endure to the benefits of the parties hereto and each of their respective successors and assigns. Alaska Markets & Events may not assign this AGREEMENT without prior written consent of VENDOR by use of the electronic agreement on this form.
    This AGREEMENT shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Alaska. If any provision of this AGREEMENT is deemed illegal or unenforceable it is considered separate from the AGREEMENT and the remaining provisions will remain in force.