Alaska Craft Tents

Alaska Craft Tents provide a simplified way for vendors to participate in Alaska’s biggest outdoor weekend Market. Vendors are able to rent a 30″w x 6′ long table under the Alaska Craft Tents, instead of renting a full booth and supplying and setting up their own equipment.

The fee for a space inside the Craft Tents is the same daily or weekend rate as a standard space, with the added benefit of a pre-setup tent, table and chair for the vendor to use.

All items in these tents must be handcrafted by the person selling them or their family members or be an Alaskan author. The Alaska Craft Tents are set-up by Anchorage Market employees, and are ready-to-go by 9:00 AM.

Space rent includes:

  • 6-foot by 10′ space under a 15′ shared tent, setup by our staff
  • 30-inch by 6′ table
  • Chair

Tables may be rented by the day or the season as follows:

To reserve a table, please fill out a 2021 Vendor Lease Agreement (PDF) and booth request form and send it in with payment.