2023 Bear Paw Festival Vendor Court

Vendor Handbook & Agreement

Thursday, July 13 from 2PM-8PM
Friday, July 14 from 12PM to 10PM
Saturday, July 15 from 12PM to 10PM
Sunday, July 16 from 12PM to 6PM


Alaska Markets & Events, Inc.
Anchorage, AK
Text (907) 272-5634
Issued August 2022©

Vendor Handbook

The BPFVC Manager requires each Vendor to read and understand all items in this Handbook, as well as their Online Registration Agreement, to eliminate, as much as possible, any misunderstandings or conflicts. It is recommended that these documents be brought to the event and referred to should a question or disagreement arise.

Bear Paw Festival Vendor Court Mission Statement

Bear Paw Festival Vendor Court “BPFVC” strives to provide Festival participants and visitors with a summer attraction featuring a large variety of Alaskan arts and crafts, food and imports at reasonable prices, for the purpose of enhancing their enjoyment of the Bear Paw Festival, maintaining the family friendly reputation of Chugiak-Eagle River and providing Vendors with a premier location which affords them an opportunity to successfully showcase and display their products to a broad base of consumers and potential consumers (“The Intended Atmosphere and Use”), and which best positions them to be successful.

This mission statement (“The BPFVC Mission”) and the Intended Atmosphere and Use are the primary purposes of BPFVC. In the interest of the Bear Paw Festival and its participants, any other purpose, advantage, or benefit is secondary and is subordinate to the primary purposes.

Code of Ethics

BPFVC and its organizers are committed to providing a vendor court that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments of Vendors, their agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, or customers based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. It is the policy of the BPFVC to comply with the letter and the spirit and intent of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws and rules and other similar state and municipal laws and rules. Vendors observing or having knowledge of illegal incidents or practices or violations of this policy are encouraged to immediately report such incidents to the BPFVC Manager.

Bear Paw Festival Vendor Court Manager

Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. ”AMEI” operates & manages BPFVC. Throughout this Handbook, reference is made to the Bear Paw Festival Vendor Court Manager “BPFVC Manager” and this reference shall mean Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. and its authorized or designated representatives.

The BPFVC Manager has complete authority to interpret and implement policy, Vendor Online Registration Agreement and this Handbook at the BPFVC site, and to act on any breach or violation of any of these items. Vendor agrees to abide by decisions of the BPFVC Manager that are not specifically addressed in the Vendor Online Registration Agreement or this Handbook.


For purposes of the Registration Agreement and this Handbook Agreement, the term “Vendor” is defined as the person or persons named on the completed Registration Agreement. Throughout this Handbook, reference is made to the Vendor and this reference shall mean the person or persons named on the completed Registration Agreement.

BPFVC Policies

All participants of the BPFVC will behave toward BPFVC customers, staff and volunteers in a professional manner which fosters a sense of Bear Paw Festival community and camaraderie, encourages a spirit of cooperative involvement, and promotes the Bear Paw Festival as a whole to the community that it serves.

The BPFVC is designed to project a family atmosphere where people can come together to buy and sell merchandise. Accordingly, fees are collected from Vendors to promote attendance and conduct the operations of the BPFVC. It is not permitted that individuals, without paying for the Reserved Space, may come into the BPFVC for the purpose of selling, displaying, or distributing products, services, promotions, or materials without completing the Vendor Registration Agreement, payment in full and being subject to the rules therein set forth. Individuals attempting to do so without registering online and paying fees will be asked to cease such activity; if they continue such activity, they may be ejected and possibly arrested as trespassers.

The above-mentioned policy may be relaxed for entertainers, at the discretion of the BPFVC Manager, in its sole discretion, when BPFVC quality and atmosphere can be enhanced thereby, and the Intended Atmosphere and Use of the BPFVC is protected.

Due to the nature of BPFVC and its Intended Atmosphere and Use, Vendors specifically agree to the following restrictions, limitations, and policies on the use of the Reserved Space, which shall be strictly construed in favor of the BPFVC Manager and in accordance with the BPFVC Manager’s interpretation of these restrictions, limitations, and policies.

It is the responsibility of Vendors to fully understand and fully inform their agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, and customers of all the policies, terms, conditions, rules, and regulations set forth in this Handbook and in Vendor’s Registration Agreement and to ensure compliance with the same. The BPFVC Manager may issue written additions and addenda to these policies, terms, conditions, rules and regulations and they shall become part of this Handbook.

All uses of BPFVC premises shall be consistent with the BPFVC Mission and the Intended Atmosphere and Use. The BPFVC Manager intends to prevent the display or sale of drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, firearms, BB guns, air guns, paintball guns, paintball supplies, fireworks, poppers, stink bombs and lethal martial arts items, as well as materials depicting or presenting the following to the casual passer-by: violence, inebriation, boisterous behavior, nudity, obscenity, pornography, or any violations of law. It is the policy of the BPFVC that no Vendor will offer for sale any item that would be deemed inappropriate for sale to an eight-year-old child, except age restricted items sold to persons of legal age. Sale of knives, swords, or non-lethal martial arts weapons to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. Vendors selling age restricted items must prominently display, in their booths, a sign indicating that sales to persons under the legal age (list age) is prohibited. The BPFVC is intended to encourage use by all members of the family, and Vendors actions, products, displays, language, and dress must all be compatible with this intent. The BPFVC Manager will be sole judge of the appropriateness of these items and Vendor agrees to cooperate by immediately removing from display or sale any item deemed inappropriate. All items for sale must be new merchandise. Gaming is restricted to local nonprofit groups who are raising funds for the organization, on condition that all labor used to sell tickets is by volunteers or staff members of the organization; no “operator” or “fundraiser” or “consultant” who shares in the profits or receipts is utilized; all federal, state, and local laws are complied with and required permit is posted on site. Pull tabs are not allowed to be sold in the BPFVC.

Required Vendor Employee Training

All Food Vendors must ensure that an employee who is properly trained and certified to use a fire extinguisher is in the Food Vendor booth space at all times. Fire Extinguisher training can be found online or at: http://www.fireextinguishertraining.com. Vendor must supply the BPFVC Manager with a certificate of completion of Fire Extinguisher Training by Friday, June 2, 2023.

All vendors must complete an online crowd control manager course. One source for a free crowd control manager course can be accessed at: https://public.eopsselearning.com. This free training is provided to you only as a courtesy and is in no way endorsed by AMEI. To complete the free version, you will need approximately 18 minutes of uninterrupted time to watch training videos and complete your certification. All vendor businesses must ensure that there is at least 1 certified crowd control manager in their booth at all times. We highly recommend saving your certification to a safe folder in your phone for easy access and retrieval. This certification is valid for 3 years from the date of completion but must be resubmitted to AMEI annually. All vendors must submit their crowd control certificate to the BPFVC Manager no later than June 1, 2023.

Failure to provide the BPFVC Manager with the above listed certificates by the specified dates above will result in forfeiture of Vendor Booth Space and forfeiture of all Pre-Paid Rents and Fees.


Vendors are required to secure and maintain during their reserved dates, a Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with minimum bodily injury limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence. This protects both the Vendor and the BPFVC in the event of a claim.

Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. and Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce must be named as additional named insured in the “description” section of the Vendor’s COI for the duration of the Bear Paw Festival and a certificate of insurance be provided to BPFVC Manager at the time of registration.

Should Vendor not have a suitable insurance policy, a temporary insurance policy may be obtained through the Bear Paw Festival organizer’s vendor policy with K&K Insurance for a fee of $65.00 per booth space plus a $10.00 administrative processing fee per insured booth space; insurance fee and administrative processing fee will be automatically included in rate calculations. Vendor’s purchasing insurance through K&K insurance will be named directly on the insurance policy for the duration of the event. Vendor registration will be considered incomplete if insurance certificate does not reflect the additional insured as stated above.

Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. and Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce as additional named insured and listed in the “description” section of Vendor’s COI is received in our office on or before March 01, 2023.

The following risks cannot be covered under this policy: Medical Tests, Medical Exams, Blood Tests, Body Piercing, Permanent Tattoos, Mechanical Rides, Non-Mechanical Rides, Stroller or Wheelchair Rentals, Animal Rides, Animal Acts, Petting Zoos, National Companies/Chain Stores, Motor Sports Activities, Haunted House Attractions, Fireworks and Weapons. Vendors providing these services must obtain insurance on their own in amounts stated above. Any Vendor may obtain qualifying insurance on their own.

In the event Vendor fails to provide the correct COI meeting the requirements listed above and by the due date listed above, the Agreement and Online Registration shall be deemed terminated at the option of the BPFVC Manager.

No refunds of insurance deposits will be made for any reason. Vendors who have paid the insurance deposit of $65 may receive an account credit for the insurance deposit so long as the vendor provides their COI meeting the minimum requirements above no later than 03/01/2023; absolutely no account credits will be made after this date for any reason.

Space Assignments

Vendors may request specific spaces in accordance with BPFVC Manager’s procedures and subject to BPFVC Manager’s right to assign different spaces. Once Grandfather Rights have expired, space assignments are made on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Space assignments are viewable online, for this reason we recommend, encourage and request the vendors review their space assignment at the time of registration, 2 weeks prior to the event, the day of vendor set-up and anytime a change has been made to vendor assignments.


2022 Vendors, defined as a Vendor named in a 2022 Vendor Registration Agreement whom participated in all 4 days of the 2022 Bear Paw Festival Vendor Court and did not close early or open late and who did not have any policy violations may register the 2023 BPFVC commencing immediately upon release of the 2023 BPFVC Handbook, and activation of the Vendor Online Registration Agreement. These vendors have rights to their same space number or a similar space if the 2022 space has been removed from the event for any reason or any space that is not reclaimed by a vendor in this group. Space numbers and locations are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the BPFVC Manager.

Vendor Online Agreement must be completed by the established deadline, only online by going to https://shows.map-dynamics.com/bpfest2023/?register.

The following items are required:

  • Vendor Online Agreement indicating choice of booths and/or booth requirements.
  • Payment of not less than 60% of the total rent due for the entire term of the reservation as calculated in the Vendor Online Agreement and in this Handbook. The remaining balance of your Vendor Registration Agreement and of your BPFVC invoice is due on or before 03/01/23.

For 2022 Vendors to be given preference in the assignment of 2023 spaces, Vendor Registration Agreement must be completed by 12:00 PM AST on August 19, 2022. The BPFVC Manager will give preference only to Vendors who have a completed 2022 Vendor Registration Agreement in their name and who complete all 4 days of the BPFVC, did not close early or open late on any of the BPFVC days.


2023 BPFVC Grandfather Rights will expire on September 17, 2022.

Spaces will be assigned to the following groups of 2022 Vendors, who apply before the September 17, 2022 deadline, in order of preference. Deadline is recognized as the date the Vendor Registration Agreement is completed by Vendor. Registration Agreement link will be emailed to all Vendors who registered for the 2022 BPFVC; to their last email address of record. The Vendor Registration Agreement may also be found at: https://shows.map-dynamics.com/bpfest2023/?register.

Group 1: Vendors who reserved and paid for a Space for the 2022 BPFVC and who wish to register for a space at the 2023 BPFVC. Vendors requesting their same space as assigned at the 2022 BPFVC will be assigned first and then Vendors requesting spaces other than the space used in 2022 regular season will be assigned second. Exact space numbers and locations cannot be guaranteed.

Food Vendors will be required to request a booth in the 4th row; booths 401 to 420.

No other vendors are allowed in this row.

Group 2: New Vendors who wish to rent space for the 2023 BPFVC, or 2022 Vendors who apply after the September 17, 2022 deadline may use the Vendor Registration Agreement after August 19, 2022.

Note: The number of Vendors allowed to sell food items intended for consumption (i.e. Food Vendors) at the BPFVC will be limited to no more than 32. It is in the best interest of the BPFVC to have a wide variety of quality food items available for Bear Paw Festival customers. New Vendors, if any, will be selected solely by the BPFVC Manager, giving preference to those Vendors who offer new and desirable food products.

Deadline for Rent Payments

Not less than Sixty percent (60%) of the entire Vendor Registration Agreement Fees due must be paid upon completion of Vendor Registration Agreement. The remaining balance of the Vendor Registration Agreement and BPFVC Invoice must be paid on or before 03/01/23. In the event any balance or Fees owed are not paid when due, the Agreement shall be deemed terminated at the option of the BPFVC Manager. If the Vendor Registration Agreement is terminated, any reserved space shall be released, and the amount paid shall be forfeited.

A late payment fee of $75 will be assessed 3 days after the initial due date of 3/1/23, this fill will be reassessed every 30 days until your account is made current.

The past due balance will be sent to a debt collection agency for the purposes of collecting the delinquent debt. Vendor agrees to pay any and all fees associated with collection, administrative costs as well as fees associated with the collection of any outstanding debt paid to the debt collection agency.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All sales are FINAL, no refunds are provided for any reason.

Vendor requested cancelation: If a Vendor business requests to cancel their reserved space for any reason, the vendor business forfeits all pre-paid funds and rights to the reserved space. The remaining balance of the Vendor Registration Agreement and Invoice remains due as per the terms of the Vendor Agreement.

Space reservation fee’s may not be reallocated to another event.

The cancelling Vendor has no right to the space and may not sublease it or obligate it to another party. All Vendors who cancel their booth space without notifying the BPFVC Manager at least 14 days in advance in writing and all Vendors that choose not to participate after completing the Vendor Registration Agreement, without notifying the BPFVC Manager in writing are assessed an additional $100 fee in addition to their space rental fee.

Event Cancelation and/or Postponement: BPFVC Manager shall not be liable for any damage or expense incurred by Vendor in the event the BPFVC is delayed, interrupted, moved or not held as scheduled. If, for any reason beyond the control of the BPFVC Manager, the BPFVC is not held, the BPFVC Manager will retain so much of the amount paid by Vendors as necessary to defray expenses already incurred by the BPFVC Manager. Any amount not retained by the BPFVC Manager will be credited back to the Vendors account with Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. and can be used towards a future event with Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. within the same calendar year.

No refunds of paid funds will be offered for any reason.

Returned Payment Fee

Beginning in 2019, the BPFVC Manager no longer accepts check payments.

If the Vendor’s financial institution for any reason returns a Vendor’s payment, a fee of $45.00 will be assessed and added to Vendor’s invoice. This fee and the amount of the returned payment must be paid in cash, money order or certified check to the BPFVC Manager within five days and prior to Vendor’s entry to the BPFVC.

Rental Charges

Base rental charges for Vendors shall be determined by the number and size of space rented as well as other services listed below:

Single 10′ wide space $525.00 per space
Premium booth space $625.00 per space
Single 10′ wide food space $825.00 per space
Electrical outlet $135.00 per 15 AMP outlet
50AMP electric outlet $270.00 per outlet
Liability insurance & Administrative fee $75 per space

Reserved space must be used for a single Vendor’s booth/merchandise and not used for another Vendor’s benefit. The BPFVC Manager will be the sole judge of the booth’s appropriate use and eligibility for above rates.

Sharing or Subleasing Booths

Vendors may share their booth with another Vendor only after being approved by BPFVC Manager. However, the person sharing Vendor’s booth will have no rights in terms of future events and the registered Vendor is responsible for sharing Vendor’s compliance with BPFVC policies and procedures, outlined in this Handbook and the Registration Agreement. Vendors sharing a space must make known a minimum of fourteen days in advance of first BPFVC date, in writing, to BPFVC Manager, sharing Vendor’s name, contact information and product description. All spaces must be occupied during BPFVC hours by the registered Vendor of the booth. Vendors who close their booth early or decide to leave for any reason without first speaking directly with and receiving written authorization from BPFVC Manager will be assessed a $150 penalty fee per occurrence and per day. Subleasing is not allowed.


Limited electrical service is available in booths 201 to 224; 301 to 324 and 401 to 428. Food Vendors will be given preference in purchase of electricity.

Price of $135.00 will be charged for each single 15 AMP outlet for the entire 4-day period, beginning at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 and operating continuously thorough 6:15 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023. Food Vendors who require higher amperage may purchase a single 50AMP outlet at a price of $270.00 per outlet, if outlet is reserved by June 1, 2023 (after this date Vendor will be billed on time & materials).


Vendors may only plug electrical appliances into the outlet assigned to the Vendor by the BPFVC Manager. Vendors found using electricity from unmarked, unapproved, another vendors outlet, light-poles and/or sign pedestals anywhere inside of or within 150’ of the BPFVC will be billed at a rate of $250 for use of the electricity and must be paid within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event.

Food Vendor Space

A Food Vendor is defined as a Vendor selling food or beverage products which are reasonably determined by the BPFVC Manager, in its sole discretion, to be generally for consumption at or near the point of sale. If no charge is included in the Vendor Registration Agreement for a Food Booth, Vendor agrees that they shall not sell or allow to be sold or given away, from their Reserved Space, such food or beverage products (including water). Violation shall be a breach of the Registration Agreement by Vendor, and the BPFVC Manager shall have the right to immediately terminate the Registration Agreement and exercise other remedies available. Food Vendors must receive written permission from the BPFVC Manager prior to changing the menu (adding items) originally stated on the Vendor registration Agreement. A maximum of two Vendors will be approved to sell the exact same main menu items, unless approved in writing by the BPFVC Manager. If an item is similar but considered by the BPFVC Manager to be different variation of the menu item it will be considered for the event; examples include soft-serve ice-cream vs hand-scooped sundaes, Cajun shrimp vs. unseasoned shrimp, reindeer dog vs. pork dog. Breads, beverages (except espresso type drinks), smoothies, slushies, and sides such as fries, chips, chili as a topping, etc. are not limited.

Coca-Cola is the beverage sponsor for the BPFVC, all pre-packaged beverages must be Coca-Cola products only. This includes all bottles, cans, boxes, jars, etc.

Attendance & Punctuality

Vendors participating in all 4 days must check-in with the BPFVC Manager by 8:00 AM on Thursday, July 13, 2023. must be open for business from 2:00 PM through 8:00 PM on Thursday, July 13, 2023; 12:00 PM through 10:00 PM on Friday, July 14, 2023; 12:00 PM through 10:00 PM on Saturday, July 15, 2023; and 12:00 PM through 6:00 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023. In the event a Vendor arrives after 8:00 AM on Thursday, July 13, 2023, space reservations and any monies paid to the BPFVC Manager shall be forfeited.

Table space Vendors participating in 1-3 days must check-in by 10am on their reserved day(s) and must follow all policies listed in the Vendor Handbook and Registration Agreement for all reserved days to include remaining open for all BPFVC hours on the reserved day(s).

No vehicle will be allowed to enter the BPFVC areas after 8:00 AM on Thursday, July 13, 2023. For the safety of Vendors and customers, all vehicles must be out of BPFVC areas by 8:30 AM on this date. Vehicles will again be allowed in the BPFVC area after 7:35 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023. Any re-supply of booths during the 8:30 AM on Thursday, July 13, 2021 to 7:35 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023 must be done via hand cart, or be hand carried in.

All booths must be occupied during event hours by the Vendor named on the Registration Agreement for the space. Vendors who close their space early, open their booth late, do not open their booth at all or decide to leave for any reason without first speaking directly with and receiving written permission from the BPFVC Manager will be assessed a $150 penalty fee per occurrence and/or per day. Example: If a vendor closes their booth early for 2 days of the event, opens late 1 day of the event and does not open at all for one day of the event, the vendor will be assessed an attendance penalty of not less that $600 which will be due no later than 10 days after the documented occurrence listed on the vendors invoice.

All vendors must vacate the Bear Paw Vendor Court premises by 9:00 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023 to allow the BPFVC Manager to clean the parking lot and ensure no disruption or irritation of the surrounding businesses.

Opening & Closing BPFVC

The BPFVC Manager reserves the right to shorten any BPFVC day by minutes or hours, to allow Vendors to leave due to inclement weather (or for other reasons) while keeping the BPFVC open, to close the BPFVC, and/or to close BPFVC and then reopen it. The decision to do so rests solely with the BPFVC Manager during each BPFVC day.

Vendors’ rights in such events shall be those set forth in their Vendor Registration Agreement and in this Handbook, which is part of each Vendor’s Registration Agreement. The decision of the BPFVC Manager shall be final. In making this decision, the BPFVC Manager may be guided by considerations of convenience, weather or the like, and the decision may – but is not guaranteed to – facilitate or contribute to the health, safety or welfare of Vendors, their agents, servants, employees, guests, invitees, customers, and others. Notwithstanding the fact that the BPFVC Manager has the discretion to so act, the BPFVC Manager does not, by doing so, undertake to protect the health, safety, or welfare of any persons; the responsibility for doing so lies solely and exclusively with the Vendors.

Vendor Court Hours

Vendors are required to be open for business – rain, wind, snow, or shine – during BPFVC hours unless prior written arrangements have been made with the BPFVC Manager such as in the event of an emergency. The BPFVC shall be open to the public during the following hours:

Thursday, July 13 from 2PM-8PM
Friday, July 14 from 12noon to 10PM
Saturday, July 15 from 12noon to 10PM
Sunday, July 16 from 12noon to 6PM

Vendors who close their booth early or decide to leave for any reason without first speaking directly with and receiving written permission from the BPFVC Manager will be assessed a $150 penalty fee.

Note: The Bear Paw Festival Grand Parade is held on Saturday morning. Business Boulevard will be closed from 9:00AM until the end of parade, around 12:00PM. Vendors should plan their resupply and staffing around this closure as vehicle access to the BPFVC area will be closed during this period. See the Bear Paw Guide for more details on closure.

Prior planning, with respect to inventory is essential. Vendors should plan for inclement weather by having ready for use a waterproof shelter, weights, heaters, and other equipment necessary for operation during bad weather.

Parking & Access – Safety

Vendors may arrive at the BPFVC as early as 8:00 AM on the first BPFVC day and remain until 3 hours after posted closing time on the last BPFVC day for the purpose of set-up and takedown. Vendor specifically agrees that they shall have no right of access to the Reserved Space prior to the commencement or after the expiration of this stated term, for any purpose. Nothing may be placed in the BPFVC area prior to 8:00 AM on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 and all items must be removed by 9:00 PM on Sunday, July 16, 2023 to allow cleanup, including mechanical sweeping and washing of the BPFVC area.

All vendor entry to the BPFVC must be from the South end of the lot on Easy Street. Traffic in BPFVC area is one-way only from South to North. Do not turn around in BPFVC area. If in the wrong aisle, exit on the North end of lot and reenter through the South entry. Vendor will not move or remove barricades. Park on the left side of the aisle (West side, opposite the mountains) and unload your vehicle quickly. Remove your vehicle from the BPFVC before starting set up of your tent, displays or merchandise. Do not park in other vendor spaces for even a temporary period. Vendors need to make sure all persons entering the BPFVC area know the number of their space.

Vendors will use extreme caution when moving vehicles; maximum speed limit is 3 M.P.H. when safe. Any vehicle that is specifically authorized, in writing, to remain on the Reserved Space during the term of the BPFVC, must sit entirely within the Reserved Space.

Vehicles are not permitted on the BPFVC grounds except as provided herein. All Vendors may use vehicles during set-up and takedown hours.

Vehicles and trailers inspected and approved for use by the Municipality of Anchorage Fire Inspector for use within the Municipality of Anchorage, may be used by Vendors and Food Vendors during BPFVC hours, only if Vendors have obtained prior written approval from the BPFVC Manager. Upon approval, the BPFVC Manager will designate special placement for vehicles and trailers, designed to impose minimal impact on adjacent Vendors. Food Vendors with trailers are encouraged to park their trailers on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. Vendor grants the BPFVC Manager the right to require Vendor to move, or to remove at Vendor’s sole cost and expense, any vehicle, trailer, equipment, furniture, or other property of any kind, which does not sit entirely within the Reserved Space and that does not meet the Municipality of Anchorage Fire Code and Regulations. Any emergency movement of vehicles during BPFVC operating hours shall be completed only with approval and supervision of the BPFVC Manager.

Vendors are encouraged to park in the area to the North and East of the BPFVC, behind Garcia’s Restaurant adjacent to the BPFVC area; the lot is suggested by the BPFVC Manager for Vendor use.

Use of Common Areas

Common areas are designed to provide sufficient open areas for the common enjoyment of BPFVC visitors, and to allow them to pass from Vendor to Vendor without inconvenience or disruption. Accordingly, the BPFVC Manager will endeavor to prevent individuals from congregating, soliciting, selling, promoting or in any manner interrupting, impeding, or interfering with the free and easy access of visitors as they attempt to visit BPFVC Vendors. No amplified sound that can be heard outside of the Vendor’s Reserved Space may originate in any vendor space.

Roving entertainers, with prior approval of BPFVC Manager, may use open or common areas. Entertainers may receive donations for their performances; however, if they provide a product (e.g. CDs) for sale, they must reserve a space from the BPFVC Manager. Vendors who are inadvertently disturbed by the activities of roving entertainers are encouraged to contact the BPFVC Manager.

Vendor shall be liable to the BPFVC Manager for any and all costs incurred by the BPFVC Manager, or others, in cleaning or removing or in causing to be cleaned or removed, any substance of any kind which is left upon the Reserved Space, or surrounding area, or which is left upon areas around the Reserved Space and which came to be upon the area around the Reserved Space as a result of the action or inaction of the Vendor, its agents, servants, employees, contractors, guests, customers or invitees. Removal or vandalism of the BPFVC Manager’s products, equipment to include fencing will result in fees to cover the cost of the products or equipment as well as any associated payroll. E.G. removal of fence posts from the ground will result in a fee of $150 per removed post.

Signs, Display & Placement

All of Vendor’s equipment, furniture, items offered for sale or otherwise displayed, and all other property of any kind maintained on the Reserved Space during the term of BPFVC shall be clean, neat, attractive and presentable as determined in the sole discretion of BPFVC Manager, and shall be of a kind and character, the appearance of which is suitable for and consistent with the BPFVC Mission Statement and the Intended Atmosphere and Use, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the BPFVC Manager. All Vendor equipment, furniture, items offered for sale or otherwise displayed and property of any kind belonging to Vendor must remain with the Vendor’s Registered Space at all times.


Bear Paw Festival organizers will supply minimal plant security for the protection of their own premises, for the advancement of their own interests, and for the enforcement of the BPFVC Manager’s decisions in a manner that avoids disputes or other breaches of the peace.

Security personnel may incidentally observe and undertake to prevent disputes, breaches of the peace, or other violations of law unrelated to BPFVC premises, rights, and interests. The fact that the BPFVC Manager’s security personnel do so will not be interpreted as a decision by the BPFVC Manager to undertake full security for BPFVC.

Responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of Vendors, their agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, and customers remain the sole and exclusive responsibility of Vendors. Should Vendors determine that security is necessary, the Vendor may supply security at their own cost and expense. BPFVC staff will not be involved in incidences of theft or shoplifting.

No Interfering Use

Vendor, its agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, customers, or other persons authorized by the BPFVC Manager to use BPFVC grounds, shall not use all or any portion of the BPFVC grounds in a manner which impedes, obstructs, or interferes with any Vendor’s Reserved Space, any Vendor’s ability to conduct business operations from their Reserved Space, or in a manner which impedes, obstructs or interferes with the free flow of pedestrian traffic throughout the BPFVC grounds.

All persons authorized by the BPFVC Manager to use any portion of the BPFVC grounds, whether pursuant to the Vendor Registration Agreement or otherwise, shall be bound by the provisions of this Handbook. The only exception to the No Interfering Use policy is the BPFVC Manager.


All Vendors agree to keep any open flame or combustible material(s) away from any canopy or covering, to conform to all fire safety requirements and to maintain an operable and appropriate fire extinguisher with current inspection tag on Vendor’s premises. All spaces and decorations MUST comply with Municipality of Anchorage, State and Federal fire regulations. Any violations may result in the removal of any materials found to be in violation. All Vendor booths must supply and have a properly inspected and tagged fire extinguisher and a person knowledgeable in its proper use. Further, Vendors will be responsible for ensuring their tents, tables, inventory, and other items located in their Reserved Space area are securely anchored in case of wind gusts or other inclement weather conditions. Vendors remain solely responsible for any damages caused by items within their reserved area. Only NFPA-701 certified tent sides and canopies or other cloth goods may be used in the booth.

Food vendors must ensure that all open flames are at least 10’ from propane tanks; propane tanks are securely anchored in a basket or chained to a post; proper fire extinguisher type(s) is/are available in the booth and no trip hazards are in the booth. All items belonging to Vendor, including personnel, must always remain within their assigned booth.

Fire Safety

Anchorage Fire Department (AFD) – Several things have evolved over the years to ensure the BPFVC is fire safe for our Vendors and our many thousands of customers. Be aware of the following requirements and make sure that you comply from the first day to the last.

NOTE: FOOD VENDORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPEN THEIR FOOD BOOTH UNTIL THEY ARE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS. Food Vendors not in compliance and that are found to be the cause of a re-inspection by AFD will be subject to a fine and fee of up to $500.00 per incident. This $500.00 fine and fee must be paid to AMEI within 48 hours from the time of the initial AFD fire inspection.

Propane is the biggest concern and potential threat to BPFVC fire safety. The maximum amount of propane stored in any booth space should be the amount needed for one weekend (maximum 100lbs on site). Bottles must be securely held in a square case or strapped to a post, wall or specialty apparatus designed for this purpose. All propane appliances must have a 20’ or longer hose attached to ensure that the propane source (bottle) is at least 10’ from any open flame…yours and your neighbors…and does not create a trip hazard in the vendor space (some appliances with tanks designed in are exempt from 10’ rule). Design your booth’s layout with this in mind. Tanks must be re-inspected every 5-12 years. All equipment, hoses and connectors must be in good shape. Tight fitting lids must be available for all deep fryers and used in case of rain.


All tents, temporary membrane structures and cooking booths used for non-open flame cooking or warming of food shall be made of flame-resistive materials or treated with flame retardant in a manner approved by NFPA 701 with manufacturer tag attached to all canopy tops and sidewalls stating the NFPA 701 compliance. Membrane structures or tents, including canopies, shall have a legible permanently affixed label meeting the flame propagation performance. Manufacturers of tents and canopies recommend that open flames should never be used under any tent or canopy.

Cooking appliances or devices that produce grease-laden vapors or flying embers shall not be used within 20 feet of a tent or membrane structure. A minimum 10’ foot separation will be maintained between mobile food vendors and any tents or canopies.

Cooking in tents is not allowed, food vendors using tents may have a tent in the front half of their space and the back half of the space must be open air. Food vendors using tents may not for any reason cook in the front half of their booth space and not within 3′ of any tent or tent sidewalls unless the tent and sidewalls are constructed of non-combustible materials.

Cooking in a tent, temporary membrane structure or food booth accessible to the public is prohibited. At no time is any member of the public or customer allowed to enter any food tent, cooking tent, food truck, or food trailer, for any reason.

Open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat, use of flammable liquids, gas, charcoal or cooking devices shall not be located within 20 feet of a tent or membrane structure while it is open to the public unless approved by the fire code official. Cooking in a tent, temporary membrane structure or food booth accessible to the public is prohibited.

Only commercially sold charcoal lighter fluid or electric starters may be used. No gasoline or other propellent may be used at any time. Lighter fluid may not be stored in the tent/membrane structure or within 10 feet of the grill. Coals will be disposed of in metal containers approved by the Fire Marshall. Dumping of coals into trash container is prohibited.

Each food booth must have a minimum of one 2A-10-BC or larger fire extinguisher that is made for and approved for use on your appliances. Deep fryers, grills and other appliances creating grease laden vapors will require additional one or more Type K extinguishers (minimum 10 lbs.) in your space. All fire extinguishers must have current and annual inspection tag affixed to them. Extinguishers should be removed from box, be inspected by a professional fire extinguisher inspection company and ready for instant use if needed. We suggest you contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 907.267.4969 for guidance as to what will be appropriate for your space. Anchorage Fire Department: 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507. AFD’s website is found at: http://www.muni.org/departments/fire/pages/default.aspx.

Any appliance in a Vendor Space that could be tipped over must be restrained and protected while being located a minimum of 3 feet from combustibles. Some appliances may need more spacing and should be discussed with Anchorage Fire Department before use. Appliances must sit on noncombustible materials. Portable heaters are not permitted inside tents. Exception: exterior heaters that are ducted into the tent. Tents used for cooking must have noncombustible tops over the cooking appliances, e.g. fryer, grill, BBQ, kettle, etc. Trailers or trucks used for cooking must have vented hoods and an automatic fire suppression unit in addition to fire extinguishers and be annually inspected by Anchorage Fire Department prior to opening of BPFVC. Inspection sticker must be attached to trailer/food truck and be prominently displayed, and vehicle must be kept in and remain in compliance with inspection at all times.

Only flame-resistant materials that are clearly marked as such should be used within or for the tent or shelter. Use of sterno cans is restricted to a noncombustible cover on the table where sterno is present. Anchorage Fire Department requires that each food space always have present in the space at least one employee who has completed an approved fire extinguisher class within the last twelve months. The person’s certificate must be present in the space whenever space is operating, and a copy must be on file with the BPFVC Manager. Make sure you print out the certificate of completion and save a copy to your phone. One source of free online fire extinguisher training can be found at: http://www.fireextinguishertraining.com. Once you have completed your training, you must email your completion certificate to info@anchoragemarkets.com. The BPFVC Manager must have a copy of your annual completion certificate prior to your space opening at BPFVC.


If the BPFVC Manager, its agents, clients, servants, employees and contractors and their successors in interest provides a Vendor with assistance, Vendor shall in no way hold that (those) person(s) or BPFVC Manager responsible for any real or perceived loss or injury.

Health & Regulatory Matters

Vendor and all other personnel authorized by the BPFVC Manager to use all or any portion of the BPFVC grounds shall comply with any and all federal, state and local laws, statutes, enactments, rules, mandates and regulations of any kind or nature whatsoever while in the use of BPFVC grounds. Copies of current Municipality of Anchorage Health Department permits to operate in the BPFVC shall be delivered to the BPFVC Manager before Vendor first occupies Reserved Space. Vendors selling fresh or frozen fish shall also provide the BPFVC Manager with copies of appropriate Municipality of Anchorage and/or State of Alaska permits and certificates. Food Vendors should contact the Municipal Health Department to obtain information, temporary food permit and food handler’s training.

Force Majeure

BPFVC Manager shall not be liable for any damage or expense incurred by Vendor in the event the BPFVC is delayed, interrupted, relocated or not held as scheduled. If, for any reason beyond the control of BPFVC Manager, the BPFVC is not held then the BPFVC Manager will retain so much of the amount paid by Vendors as necessary to defray expenses already incurred by the BPFVC Manager. Any amount not retained by the BPFVC Manager will be credited back to the Vendors account with Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. and can be used towards a future event with AMEI within the same calendar year. No refunds of paid funds will be offered for any reason.

Policy Exception

The BPFVC Manager has the authority to grant exceptions to BPFVC policies and this Handbook on an individual basis in their sole discretion. Suggested improvements or changes to existing policy may be made in writing and given to the BPFVC Manager.

Change of Contact Information

Vendors are responsible for ensuring that the BPFVC Manager has a record of their current address, email address, and telephone number.

Release & Agreement Not to Sue

Consistent with the exclusive remedy provision set forth in the Vendor Registration Agreement, Vendor releases and forever discharges Alaska Markets & Events, Inc., the BPFVC Manager, its agents, clients, servants, employees and contractors and their successors in interest (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Releasees”) from all actions, suits, claims, demands and damages of every kind and nature, whether special, incidental, consequential or otherwise, mature or to mature in the future, arising out of or in any way connected with the relationship created by the Vendor or the Vendor Registration Agreement between Vendor and AMEI, Vendor’s occupancy and/or use of the BPFVC area or any portion thereof, or any acts, omissions, faults or negligence of Releasees.

Vendor agrees not to sue the Releasees for any of the matters stated above. In the event Vendor breaches this Agreement Not to Sue, Releasees shall be entitled to recover their actual reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in defending against any action brought by Vendor.

Product Restrictions

The BPFVC Manager currently reserves the option of not registering space to Vendors whose activities or products do not assist in fulfilling the BPFVC Mission as determined in the BPFVC Manager’s sole discretion. The right to establish categories and quality standards for items to be sold at BPFVC is reserved by the BPFVC Manager. Only new items or items determined by the BPFVC Manager to be authentic antiques or collectibles generally recognized as valuable among a broad base of collectors will be allowed to be sold at BPFVC. Garage sales or garage sale items are prohibited. Sale of used paperback books is not allowed.


These policies, rules and Registration Agreement have been created to ensure that the BPFVC experience is as fun, profitable, and fair as possible for the Vendors, customers, and staff of BPFVC. While the BPFVC Manager will devote energy to enforcement of the provisions of this Handbook and the Registration Agreement, Vendors shall not hold AMEI or its employees responsible for any real or perceived lack of enforcement of such provisions. These policies and Registration Agreement provisions give the BPFVC Manager the option but not the obligation of enforcement. The provisions of each Vendor Registration Agreement and of this Handbook, which is incorporated into each Vendor Registration Agreement, bind the parties to each Registration Agreement and create and confer no rights or benefits in favor of any third party.


Where verbal direction or policy may be interpreted to conflict with the Vendor Agreement, the Vendor Registration Agreement and this Handbook shall be the prevailing authority.

Equipment Rentals

All equipment rentals to include but not limited to tents, tent frames, tent canopies, tent sidewalls, tent weights, tables, chairs, waste containers, etc. must be returned to the BPFVC manager at the conclusion on the 2023 BPFVC. Vendor must return all rental equipment in person to the BPFVC Manager. Any equipment that is returned by the Vendor to the BPFVC Manager which is damaged or missing will be the responsibility of the Vendor. Vendor will be responsible for all financial costs associated with replacing the damaged or missing rental equipment, to include shipping and payroll costs. The cost of replacing a damaged or missing tent can exceed $1,000 per tent. For this reason, Vendor should ensure their insurance policy covers rental equipment in the event of loss or damage. Any equipment not returned directly and in person from the Vendor to the BPFVC Manager will be billed to the Vendor within 48 hours of the conclusion of the 2023 BPFVC.

The process for a Vendor to return rental equipment is as follows; contact the BPFVC Manager, meet the BPFVC Manager at the Vendor’s space location where the rental equipment is located, verify all equipment is in the same condition as it was received. Vendor should not for any reason dismantle, disassemble, collapse, or take down rental equipment except in the event of an emergency.

Important Links & Training

Important Bear Paw Festival 2022 Dates

  • August 17, 2022 Vendor Online Agreement and registration begins
  • September 17, 2022 Deadline for Grandfather Rights
  • September 18, 2022 Vendor Online Agreement open for all open booths
  • March 01, 2023 Vendor’s Certificate of Insurance due meeting the minimum requirements listed in this handbook
  • March 01, 2023 Remaining balance of Vendor Online Agreement and full balance of BPFVC Invoice due.
  • Tuesday, July 11, 2023 Trailers Park
  • Wednesday, July 12, 2023 Vendors may start setting up after 8:00AM; electricity on by 8:00PM
  • Thursday, July 13, 2023
  • Gate closes at 12:00PM
  • Vehicles out by 12:30PM
  • Booths Open 2PM-8PM
  • Friday, July 14, 2023 Bear Paw Vendor Court Booths Open 12NN-10PM
  • Saturday, July 15, 2023 Bear Paw Vendor Court Booths Open 12NN-10PM
  • Sunday, July 16, 2023 Bear Paw Vendor Court Booths Open 12NN-6PM
  • Sunday, July 16, 2023 Bear Paw Vendor Court must be clear of all vehicles, equipment, tents, etc. by 9:00 PM